Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow...

(excuse the title of the post, Keith was just singing it... so now it's stuck in my head.)

HEY! So sorry I never wrote the other day, but I ended up going out with some of my friends to eat. There's a restaurant named Kelsey's that is having buy one get one free appetizers on all summer, so that's where we went. There were 11 of us, and 22 appetizers at the table. It was so good... so much food!

We had nachos
garlic bread
breaded shrimp
calamari (gross. That was Keith's.)

Yeah, I forget what else... haha. I just ate the nachos and bruschetta! I didn't take any pictures, I forgot my (sister's) camera. Bummer. I have a few pictures that I took with my phone, but they're sooo blurry and dark, it's not even worth it to upload 'em.

My camera hasn't been working lately (it wasn't uploading to any computers? Weird. We tried three separate computers. Last night it finally worked, so I'll be able to use that again.), so I've been using my sisters. So here is a picture of the yarn I bought the other day:

I'm planning on making some baby blankets for my Etsy store! I'm excited to finally start selling stuff. I've got the yellow blanket started. I loooove this wool, it's so nice and soft... and washable!

So I don't have any photos of the orchid because my sister took her camera for the weekend (she's going to Ottawa) and I wasn't able to upload them. So... I'll save those for next time.

Ooh and check out Jamie's blog! She's getting everyone to do the 30 day shred. I did it yesterday and I'm sooooo sore today. I'm so out out of shape! Haha. Hopefully I can do it for 30 days so I don't get so out of breath.

Oh and speaking of food (haha) I think I might start a weekly thing where I find a recipe online and make it, and take pictures and stuff. We'll see how that goes, ha.

Anyways, Keith made me some chicken fingers, so I better go eat them!


  1. Those effing nachos love amazing! i love coming on here. and i love you.
    de ;)

  2. The food looks yummy! And good luck on the blanket knitting! Blankets can take a while, so I hope you like watching TV while knitting :-)

  3. im doing the 30 day shred too and yes it IS tough! just finished day 2. You should do the new recipe once a week thing, I just started last week and it's really fun plus I don't have to rack my brain on what to blog so much! :)


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