Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I guess this is my first “official” blog post. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put something up (other than “hello!”). I bought the website a while ago, came up with the name months ago (thanks to Heidi! She came up with the best name!), bought some business cards and everything. I guess I’ve just been too scared to write my first post, or I just didn’t know what to write about. I’m working with Michelle and my “homework” for the week is to get my first blog post up and running.

I guess it’s time to introduce myself? I’m Holly, I love David Bowie, sheep, olives (preferably green!), sangria, Diff’rent Strokes (RIP GARY!), nachos, Chicago style deep dish pizza, avocados, mail, penpals, letters, knitting, crocheting… okay I could go on and on but I’ll stop myself here.

I’m hoping to open up an etsy store soooooon! With handknit and crocheted goods, hopefully I’ll put up some embroidered pieces (I’m also going to be starting the course with Mollie, starting next week. So I’m pumped about that!), I wanna learn how to do pottery and other stuff like thaaaaat…

My blog is going to be a place where I post pictures of things that I’m currently making, things that are inspiring me, awesome/funny things I stumble upon online (the stumbleupon toolbar is one of my FAVOURITE things eva, so be prepared…), books I want to read/am currently reading (I could spend a million dollars in a bookstore and still want more.), and just plain old weird things. So, hopefully you’ll wanna read some of it!

Google Reader is the website I go to the most, and currently I have 1,000+ unread posts, so I read a LOT of blogs, and I’m always keeping things I find interesting unread and starred, so I’ll go back to them. I’ve got about a million and one pictures saved on my computer, so I’ll be posting a lot of pictures in here to make up for all of my ramblings.

I’m trying to figure out some sort of “schedule” for my blog. I’m not sure if I wanna do something like “Tutorial Tuesdays!” and “Wishlist Wednesdays!” and so on, or just random things on random days. But we’ll see! I’m just learning how to do this whole thing, so bare with me.

Anyways, I think that is enough rambling for one day! I just grabbed a few pictures from my “stuff” folder (I am so unorganized right now. I need to organize my pictures like crazy.). I found a lot of them on tumblr, so I’m sorry I don’t have any of the original links. If you know them please let me know! I’ll hopefully get better at that soon. Anyways, here are the pictures:

This picture is of me & my boyfriend Keith, I’m not sure why I always use this as my “go-to picture”, haha. We need to take some more recent photos…


  1. Ohmygosh, Holly, you so make me laugh! I think the visuals represent exactly what you wrote in the post - to expect a lot of randomness, but to the cutest degree! Can't wait to see what this blog has in store for you (& vice versa). And gold star on your homework! :)

  2. Congrats on your new blog and your very first post! I love how you admitted that you love Different Strokes. I've yet to see an episode. I do love avocadoes though.

  3. welcome to blogging! you're gonna love it! :)

    xoxo, amy

  4. uuummmm the puppy photos are the cutest things eveeeeer.

    yay you for beginning your blog! :)

  5. welcome to the blog world!!!!!


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