Sunday, July 25, 2010


(I wrote this last night, but was having a hard time uploading anything.)
So I realized I haven't really put up many of my photos. Just random ones from online. I was finally able to upload some to this computer, so here are a few:

2010 227
This is my puppy Squirt. (Well, she's 11. Not really a puppy, but she still looks like one.)

2010 1002
2010 1003
These are from Keith's birthday.
2010 1068
Keith and I have been trying to grow something from an avocado pit for MONTHS.. and in the past few weeks it finally sprouted, and now it's SO tall. At least twice as tall as this is now. I have a book called Don't Throw It, Grow It! and I want to start growing more little plants and stuff.

Okay, for some reason blogger makes the pictures look REALLY weird... and flickr is being really slow for me, so I only have a few... I'll put more up later. Right now I have to go get ready to go to the race track (yay...) haha. My friend Tracy works there though so it won't be too bad! (Plus I'm bringing my knitting.) Earlier this week I went out with her looking for paint so she can antique a window for a picture frame (I love it when my friends do crafts, haha.) and I grabbed a TON of paint chips. I want to do something with them. I'm just not sure what yet. Any ideas?

Today I'm laying around the pool, then going to Costco with my Grandma (and Chapters!) and then playing frisbeeeeeee!


  1. such great pictures!
    i love that you guys planted that! AND ITS GROWING!! HURRAH!

  2. Avocado pits will get really tall and leafy if you give them time! It will really flourish after it's re-potted.

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    I have a giveaway going on for U.S. and Canadian readers. Feel free to enter if you'd like!

  3. Yay for posting fun pictures! Love that pup =-)

  4. eeee that pit is finally sprouting! the avocado is an amazing thing! love you guys, and love the photos from our wonderful birthday dinner together!

  5. I need to see that tree.

  6. oh my gosh squirt is way too cute!!!!
    I'm so terrible at growing plants so I wish you luck :)

  7. oh my goodness, squirt is SO cute! hello from buster and bamboo! how much does squirt weigh? They are 10 & 11 pounds. cuteness!


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