Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada has the most bars per capita than anywhere else in the world.

My orange pepper!  Haha.
Hey guys!
Sorry this post has taken so long.  I haven't been on the computer much, and every time I come on it seems that the internet keeps going down, or flickr doesn't want to work, or something!  But everything finally seems to work for me now.

So beer fest was fun!  Hahaha I was feeling a little, um, under the weather on Sunday... but Saturday was a lot of fun!  Keith and I ended up staying at a hotel on Saturday night, so we didn't have to worry about coming home until Sunday.  

I uploaded a bunch of photos from my sister's camera, and was finally able to upload them to flickr, so here are a bunch!  There are a few random ones, some from Chicago, and some from beer fest!  Hope you enjoy.

Keith and I were looking through all of my photos and we thought this looked like Squirt took it of herself, haha.
She will sit like this for so long, just staring at you.
We had a robin's nest in the spring (but a squirrel came and knocked it down and broke a couple eggs..) and Squirt would just stare at it.
The orchid that Keith bought me for Valentine's Day.  There are still three flowers on it!
Haha sorry about all the photos of my dog!
Here's a nice one of me looking like I just got my wisdom teeth out in Chicago, haha.  This was at a steakhouse and my dad and sister got what they said was the best steak they've ever had, and I just got a burger.  Haha.
Sooo gooooood!
Sprinkles!  Such good cupcakes.  They have shots of frosting that you can get while you wait for them to package up the cupcakes.
These were our cupcakes.  Two cinnamon sugar (mmm, one was mine), one vanilla, one lemon (my other cupcake.), and two black and white.  I wanted to try the strawberry cupcake, but they stopped making them the day before!  Haha.  They were all sooo good though!  If you have a Sprinkles near you, GO!
We went out to eat with my cousin last week and she decided to eat some lemon.
So I thought I'd join in.
We (finally) got a panini press!  It's AMAZING!  This has mayo, honey mustard, jalapeno Havarti cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado and salt and pepper.  SO GOOD!  Do any of you guys have some recipes I should try?  Please share!
 And now, beer fest... haha!
Um, I'm not really sure why I am posing like that, haha.

Ha, yeah... what can I say.  It was beer fest!
And here is our avocado plant!  Haha.  We bought a new planter for it, but Keith keeps forgetting to bring over some more soil to put it in, so for now it's still just hanging out in the red plastic cup!  Haha.
I just love how Squirt's tongue is hanging out, haha!
Oh and keep the quotes coming please! Funny ones, serious ones, anything! Thanks!


  1. i love all the beautiful pictures of your darling little pup! what a cutie!!! i love the one where he is sitting up on his hind-legs! that is what one cats does and it is just so adorable! the photos from beerfest look to document a fantastic day. thank you so much for all your kind and thoughtful comments last week! you are too sweet! happy tuesday, xo

  2. Oh cool, an avocado plant!? Also, the pepper plant at the top is pretty adorable.

  3. you're so beautiful! show us more photos of you! :)

  4. Wonderful photos! It seems like you guys had a great time. Have a great day!

  5. I am seriously loving all the photos of squirt! What a cutie :) and the beerfest photos just plain made me smile. Thanks for checking in on me over at my blog. I'll be there on Thursday! Can't wait to get an update, although I will go looking for one here first ;)

  6. I'm glad you had such a good time on Saturday, and I can relate to you on the internet always being down. Sigh.

    I didn't realize how long your hair was♥

  7. looks like an awesome time ... i'd totally hang with you!

  8. hehe.... aw, I love the puppy photos )

  9. Aw your dog is absolutely adorable. I have a maltese and he can only stand like that for a little bit before he falls! The food photos are making me incredibly hungry :). I'm glad I stopped by this blogspot. I hope you have more fabulous adventures!

  10. i'm craving sprinkles now!!! :) fun pics!

  11. girl love your pics!! and you got deep dish pizza and sprinkles - yummy! i dont even have to ask if you guys had fun or not! actually a couple saturdays ago, i wondered if id run into you - how cool would that have been!

    also thanks for all your sweet comments and your congrats - we are super excited! (p.s. i put up the engagement story today...so thrilled!)

    have an amazing wednesday, friend!

  12. i love all the pictures of you doggie! adorable! and I for sure need to visit Nova Scotia when I am back in Canada. I am originally from Mtl but living in Amsterdam for a couple of years now....Must admit, I miss Canada ;)

  13. How cute is Squirt!!!!???? I love all the pup photos!!!

  14. Squirt is so cute! Love the funny hamburger photo and the lemon cupcake!

  15. Squirt is adorable!! your photos of the chicago pizza have my stomach growling!


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