Monday, August 30, 2010

You mostly breathe from only one nostril at a time!

Hey!  Hope everyone's Monday is good.  As good as Mondays can be! Here are some random photos for ya.

Too bad this was LAST year, ha!

What are your favourite websites to go to when you have some time to waste?

And today is Keith's mom's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. beautiful photos!!!
    hope you are having a beautiful monday
    sunshine, photographs and smiles,

  3. Some of my favorite websites to waste some time on include:
    Awkward Family Photos
    People of Walmart
    Why the F*** Do You Have Kids?
    and of course Animals with Casts.

  4. You always select the best photos-- I love your blog, dearie. :)

  5. Oh these are great! Love that "rrrrrring" pic, hehehehee.

    Time wasting websites? I definitely like Post Secret.

  6. those llamas make me so happy!

  7. I must say I love the title today. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out if I was breathing through one nostril or two. And my favorite was the llamas too! I want to cuddle with those big guys. I'd keep them forever if they continued to look like that.

  8. I love the one with the dog in the goggles haha, and I've sent the photo of the woodpile tree to my Dad as "inspiration for next winter" :-P Also, fascinating fact about breathing! Never thought about it, but it seems I favour my right nostril (today, anyway!)

  9. I love the one with the dogs head outside the window and the wind in his face.
    and I like your new header, too.

  10. Aw, puppies!!! Also, did you redesign some stuff on your blog, or am I really slow to notice things?

  11. great pictures. but more importantly, great new layout!!

  12. Lovely photos... my fave is the baby lamas! One of best time killers for me is can look at cute nothings for hours and hours there.

  13. aww i love all these photos!
    that first one is way too cute!

  14. cute photos! when I have free time I'm usually checking up on blogs in my google reader :)

  15. Beautiful photos! What are those- llamas? So cute! And that stacked wood arrangement is just gorgeous.

    Looking forward to following your blog!
    Caroline, a BYW participant!


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