Thursday, September 30, 2010

The average lead pencil will draw a line 35 miles long or write approximately 50,000 English words.

She's on the left.

Today is my Mom's birthday!  She reads my blog every single day (I swear 99% of the time that I look at her computer this website is up.)   Here are some photos of her!  (Haha don't worry mom, they are all old!)
She's on the far left.
She's wearing a hat.
Haha hopefully she won't kill me for putting these up!!
I fixed this in photo shop a while ago, but I don't know where that photo went!  Anyways, I think she was the cutest kid everrrr.
She is the one wearing the red hairband.
Haha my Mom & Dad.
Hahahaha she isn't quite sure why she was wearing a hairnet.
Hahahaha Halloween!
Hahaha I love my uncle's pose in this photo.  My Mom is on the right.
She's in the middle.  (I love the sheep on my uncle's sweater!!)
She's in the middle.
She's on the right.
Hahahaha somehow I have never seen this photo before!  Nice outfit Dad!
Happy birthday Mom!  I hope you have a great day today and an amazing weekend!  I love you so much!!


  1. aw those photos are so good. i love black and white photos!! i think your mum will be fine with the photos being shown, at least you didn't write her age...then she'd probably be mad...i know my mum would haha!! :)

    happy birthday mum!

  2. aw how sweet! the photos are fantastic. :) pet sheep FTW!

    happy birthday to your mom. :)

  3. AAWWWWwww!!!
    Your mom is so lucky to have such a beautiful and thoughtful daughter!!!
    I love all the 'old' photos!!! :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awww What beautiful photos! well if your mama is reading this ...


    PS: I love the one of your mom & dad taking shots ;)

  5. Holly,
    You are constantly amazing me! You can't imagine my surprise when I went on your blog today and found all these picture of me. As I scrolled down, I couldn't believe there was more, then more still. I don't even know how you found them. I'm always in wonder of you. For anyone who doesn't know Holly personally, she has always been sweet and sensitive and will surprise you when you least expect it. One day, earlier this year for no occassion, she had flowers sent to my work. The card just said "love you mom".
    I love your blog, and yes, I do stalk it.
    I am so proud of you and I am so blessed to have you as my daughter.
    Thank you for such wonderful surprise.
    Love you so much, Mom

  6. Such a beautiful collection of photos! I hope you mom has a wonderful birthday (and it's so sweet that she reads your blog daily!)

  7. looooove these pics. i love old vintage pics of any kind.

    supportive moms are the best. my mom is the same way!!!

    happy birthday to holly's mom!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Holly's mom!!! Your daughter is amazing -- but you already knew that :)

    Hope you're having the best day!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Love your daughter's blog :D

  10. I <3 the comment from your mom, it was really sweet.

  11. Hope she had a great day! I love all of these vintage photos!

  12. happy birthday to her! I love looking at old family photos. Thanks for sharing!

  13. FRIGGIN COOL photos there, Holly girl.
    Happy happy to your lucky mom!

  14. how awesome! happy belated birthday to holly's mommy! what a lovely mother :)

  15. Such fun photos! Happy belated birthday to your momma :)

  16. Happy birthday, Holly's mom!!! This is such a lovely tribute to her, and it's so sweet that she's an avid and proud reader of your blog!


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