Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tablecloths were originally meant to serve as towels with which guests could wipe their hands and faces after dinner.

Today was my first day of work and I'm so tired, ha! I'm not used to waking up early, but I'm going to have to get used to it because most days I'll be starting at 7am. I thought I was going to be done at noon today, but I worked til 3.  And then I came home and read a few blogs, did some knitting (while watching House, haha.  What shows are you guys currently watching?) and ate.  Now I'm just waiting for Keith to come over and we'll probably watch a movie or something.  

I feel bad because I haven't written a proper blog post in a while, but I haven't had a lot of time!  I think tomorrow (I'm going to be done at noon tomorrow) I'm going to schedule a bunch of posts so that I don't do this again, haha.  I haven't uploaded any photos from Mont Tremblant or our friend's cottage, so I will do that tomorrow and post them.  

Ooh, I almost forgot.  CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER RIGHT NOW!  Haha.  I just randomly decided to check mine earlier today and I was so glad I did because I found an e-mail from Kayla that she sent a while ago.  I felt like a jerk for not seeing it until now!  So, go check it!  Because there might be a really sweet e-mail somewhere tucked inside!

You guys seem to like my Etsy posts, so here is another one for ya!

SucculentsGalore(This is for Melissa!) 
Last time some of you shared the links to your Etsy favourites, so feel free to leave yours!  I love checking out new things on Etsy. 


  1. oooh i love that knot necklace and that wire H...i'm assuming there are more letters. cute post! good luck with work :)

  2. ahhh etsy is quite possibly the most amazing collection of items ever.

    these are great posts

  3. I agree with the one above me. :)

    Also loving the new blog header.

  4. Wow, those are some great Etsy finds. I love Etsy, I want to buy everything (almost).

    p.s. I love your new blog design too!

    p.p.s. Hi!

  5. First off, 7am is when you have to arrive at work?!?! Oh geez! Hope your sleep schedule adjusts quickly.

    Also, thanks for the succulent shoutout! It put a big ol' smile on my face.

  6. that ring and those shoes are lovely.
    i used to watch house but couldn't keep up! i love love love how i met your mother at the moment.
    cute blog

  7. Oh wow, you and I have the same taste, it seems. Love it all!

  8. I love your Etsy finds!!!
    a) That knot ring is simply amazing!!!
    b) The lemon print is a riot!! I would totally hang that sucker in my kitchen!!!
    c) The "salt" bowl/spoon is so cute!!
    d) that tote bag is inspirational!!
    You have such impeccable taste friend!! You should be a professional shopper! :)
    Happy Hump Day!!!
    shoes, bags and library tags,
    P.S. You are too sweet!! Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog! xo

  9. Ah! Love that ring and those journal tags. I've been looking for a ring like that - I heart rings!!

  10. Hi lil gal!!! I've missed checking blogs lately! :)
    Good Picks!!! I like those handmade shoes the best!!!

  11. ohhh i LOVE that grid paper, and that gorgeous ring and that hoodie! can i have it all please?? btw, i just started my etsy shop too~!! should have more items up next week! :D


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