Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The television was invented before sliced bread!


Today is Ashley's birthday, check out her awesome blog Milk Teeths and wish her a happy birthday!  She's such a sweet and pretty girl that has an awesome blog.  She posts about her outfits, but also about the trips that she takes all over California.  I love it, because not only do I get to look at beautiful photos of California, but I also get to add all new kinds of places to my travel list!   She has also got an Etsy shop where she sells vintage clothing.  It's filled with awesome stuff!  I wish I had a ton of money so I could buy EVERYTHING, haha!  She has awesome taste.
And check out her awesome Halloween costume.

I hope you have the best birthday ever, Ash!
PS.  When is YOUR birthday?  Let me know!!


  1. i love her outfits! they are SO beautiful!

    my birthday is dec 8th! when is yours!?

  2. How lovely!!!
    My birthday is November 5th! I will be 20!!!
    I am so excited!!!
    November is just a hop skip and a jump away!!! :)
    When is your birthday again?? I think it is in December???
    P.S. Did you get my email??
    halloween, birthdays and hugs,

  3. Happy birthday to her!! Love her outfits!

    I'll be 23 in feb! Ahhhh is that too young to have a mid-life crisis??? lol

  4. ashley has such a great sense of style! happy birthday to her :)

  5. Awww happy birthday to her. Mine is in march! :)

  6. Daww GIRLLLLL, you are too much!! Honestly, I'm blushing right now hahah! Thank you so much!!! :D


  7. Aww, happy birthday to her! I'm loving that first outfit of hers, too.

  8. happy birthday to her!! i love all her beautiful vintage outfits! my birthday is the day after halloween, november 1, it's coming up!! :D

  9. awww i love her! she is so sweet! my bday is august 12!

  10. wow, thank you for posting about Ashley's bday. I love her style! Love!

    Mine is Feb 1. When's yours? :)

  11. ohhh, such a nice post. you are sooo sweet, holly. ohmygosh, thank you SOOO much for always posting the nicest & sweetest comments on my blog, even when i'm still readjusting to everything. it makes me so happy and encourages me so much. ahh, holly - you're the best. thank you!! <3

  12. i am almost 30 - crazy!!!! 28 on jan 19.
    when is yours??


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