Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apples are actually part of the rose family.

Hey guys!
I love getting comments from all of you, because it gives me a chance to check out your blogs!  I found Sarah with an "H" a while ago and her blog is awesome!  She lives on a sailboat and talks about all of her adventures!  I mean, how cool is that?  She recently did a post with a tour of her house!  Er, boat! And another of her room on the boat.  It's pretty awesome!  And she is such a sweet girl and has AWESOME style!

Right now she is hosting a pretty awesome giveaway on her blog!  You guys should definitely go check it out.  Say hello and check out some of her past entries!  Her and her family are sailing out to Panama in a couple of weeks and you can expect some posts and photos from that!  Follow her blog to hear more of all of her awesome adventures. 


  1. apples are part of the rose family?! when was i when this took place....

  2. oooh i'll have to check out that blog then. thanks for the reference.

    hope you are having a lovely week, friend. your blog posts and your comments always make me smile - i love it. :)

  3. cool, i will have to check it out.

  4. I just realized I forgot to comment! haha Thanks for the shoutout, Holly! :)


  5. ooh fun! my google reader is getting ridiculous, but there's SO many great blogs out there! :P

  6. yay LOVE finding new blogs!!! thanks for sharing! heading over there right now!


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