Thursday, October 14, 2010

Every year nearly 80,000 people are bitten by these. What are they?

Yesterday we went to Hamilton to eat for Natalie's birthday, then I came home and my friend Tracy picked me up and we went to Guelph for her birthday.  The bar we were going to go to was closed, (we didn't get to Guelph until after 11pm) so we ended up going to an Irish pub, just in time for their Wednesday Night Trivia.  Umm, I totally kicked ass.  Hahaha!   We ended up tying for first with some other group of people, so for the tie breaker each group picked one person to represent them.  I was the person and the tiebreaker was a HOT WING eating contest.  AND I WON.  Don't ask me how.  My lips were burning for a little while after, but I did it!  Won 50$ in gift certificates to the bar that I've gone to a total of three times now, ha.  I gave it to Tracy's friends who let us crash at their place last night.  But it was fun!  Haha.  And I got some free wings out of it.  Today we got home around 2 and I knit for a little bit, then Keith finished work and we had a nap with Squirtle.  Well, Keith and Squirt are still sleeping.  I'm just waiting for him to wake up so we can go out to eat!  Tomorrow I'm planning on:
- writing letters (MUST DO THIS!)
- knitting (I have to try and finish as many new products as I can for the photoshoot on Saturday!)
- going to the Brantford Film Festival with my mom (I have to check out which films we want to see!)
- going to the post office and figuring out shipping
- writing my posts about apple sauce, chili, apple cinnamon muffins, apple picking, and whatever else I haven't posted!
and last but not least:
- CATCHING UP ON BLOG READING!!!!!!!!  I am sooo so behind.  Things will slow down after Saturday (I think?) and I will hopefully be caught up!  Haha.  What are you guys planning on doing for the weekend?

*I'll give you guys the answer to the question tomorrow! 


  1. holly congrats for the hot wing eating contests!!! :) if i'm in the same situation i will eat as much as you do cause i loooove hot wings :D

  2. I used to live in Guelph. That city owns my heart.

  3. ...mosquitoes? That seems too obvious.

    CUTE PUPPY. I love that the tie breaker was a hot wing eating contest, so totally irrelevant to trivia. Haha! And congrats on winning!

  4. Ha! You always put a smile on my face. ;)

  5. My guess is mosquitos!

    ps; What a neat concept for blog titles :)

  6. did you finish your long list of items holly!!? :D have a great weekend!!

  7. dang- you won the contest? that is impressive!! :) but it kind of sounds delicious.. :)

  8. girllll etsy store?! show me the link once you have everything up and running!! I love that you won that hot wing eating contest--serious skills i'm telling ya ;)


  9. Is the answer to your title ticks?

    I just wrote letters on the plane to each of the members of my family-so nice. I love snail mail and handwritten letters.


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