Monday, October 25, 2010

If a rainbow is seen from a plane, it is possible to see the rainbow as an entire circle and not just an arc

Hey guys!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  With my Etsy store opening on Friday and all the brainstorming I have been doing recently about packaging, I thought that it would be a good time to do another pretty packages post!  If you have an Etsy shop, how do you like to package the items you ship off?  Or if you just like to send pretty packages in the mail to friends, what do you like to do to make it look extra nice?  I'll have to take some photos of how I'm packaging my items to be sold!   If you guys have any links to some pretty packages, please share!

Lace Sticky Tape
oh, hello friend.
curious constellation

Hilda Grahnat
mint design blog
we made this
Katie Day
Ooh and once I get to 111 followers, I will be doing a blog giveaway!  So, tell all your friends!  Haha.  Hope you have a great Monday everyone!


  1. I should take photos of how I package my goods! ACTUALLY!!! Shawni blogged about receiving an order from me... It's here ---> {It's twords the bottom of the post!} I love these packages and I can't wait to see how you wrap your lovely wearables!!! I just ADORE your shoppe!!!
    Hope you had a beautiful weekend!
    lots of love!

  2. i love pretty packages.
    especially when sellers go the extra mile to make it pretty!

  3. your shop is beautiful. i think you might find this workshop helpful, especially the part on packagaing. :)

  4. very pretty, i like the simplicity of the first!

  5. gosh, HOLLY!!! ahh, time FLIES! I can't believe you are opening your etsy shop this FRIDAY!! <3<3 I am so excited to see what is in your shop!! EEKK! I love paper bags & sewing, as you know, for packaging -- cheap and heartfelt. deng, GIRLLL. i'm way excited for you. best of luck as your getting ready! <3<3<3

  6. Everything that you have up already is amazing! Yayy! Nice job.

  7. Congrats on opening your shop!

    I wrap each item in white tissue paper, tie it with twine, and tie my business card and a thank you tag onto the package. For some items I tuck the items inside 8x10 muslin bags.

    I love when sellers go the extra mile :)

  8. i love packaging!!! my packaging normally changes upon season. i do this based on color-trends. right now i package my orders in transparent colored envelopes, happy tape, twine, and my moo-business cards. i also am a huge fan of kraft paper.

    looking forward to your giveaway!! so fun!!

  9. I love pretty packages! they make me oh so happy : )

  10. i wholeheartedly believe in lovely packaging.

    small items from my shop are tucked in a little box, stamped and tied with ribbon. (i usually throw a little something extra in there too.)

  11. i actually have 3 shops on etsy, but the packagings i like the best from my shops is the jewelry. :D

    this post is from a while ago, and my packagings have changed a bit since then, but the general idea is still the same ::

    i like that lace tape, so cute!


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