Monday, October 18, 2010

The largest toy distributor in the world is not Toys 'R' Us or Wal-Mart - it's McDonald's

Okay so I know I have pushed it back twice, but THIS FRIDAY I am definitely going to be opening up my Etsy store!  I was going to try and open it for tomorrow, but I don't want to feel like I'm rushed.  So, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22ND my Etsy store is officially opening!  I'm so pumped!  Haha.   You can even write it in your calendars, haha, it's going to happen!  Tonight I'm going over to De's house and we're going to name all of the items, today I spent the day measuring everything and designing the fabric labels and knitting up a few more things (haha but I guess I knit every day so that isn't too much of a change!) and I bought some pretty washi tape to decorate the packages with!  And I was also coming up with some ideas for a certain someone's birthday that is approaching!  Ooh and today was an awesome mail day!  I received a postcard from France from Laura, a letter with the cutest card from Cuppy (she has the coolest handwriting!) and a package from Jillian from A Little Slice of Pye with the headband I won from a giveaway on Suzy's blog.  I think I'm going to start taking photos of all of the mail I get (okay, I already do that... I will start POSTING the photos, haha.) and taking photos of the mail I send out and post it to my blog.  People spend so much time packaging the mail they send, I love it.  Ah, ANYWAY, with all of this talk of Etsy I guess I should show you some of my favourite things again!  
Land of Ampersand by thewheatfield
Avocado necklace by lulubugjewelry
Custom World Map Collection by CallaghanArtGallery
Cherry Blossom Letterpress Card by OldSchoolStationers
Succulent Gift Tags by KisforCalligraphy
Hand Lettered Air Mail Envelope Seals by KisforCalligraphy


  1. Ahhh, I'm so excited! It's going to be an absolutely smash, dear! I can't wait.

    Love these picks, especially the cherry blossom card. So pretty!

  2. i'm so excited for you! and to see everything you have been working so hard on! i love the map room and the avacado necklace. i don't know if i'd wear it but it is pretty darn creative!

  3. that map painting is amazing. also: i'm so glad you got your headband and that you love it! :D you should snap a pic of you wearing it for me & jillian!

  4. Beautiful Etsy finds- as always!
    I love the airmail stickers and the easy come easy go card!!!
    I can't wait for your shop grand opening!!!
    P.S. I sent you a little Halloween card, because I heart you!!! :)
    Have a lovely day,

  5. great etsy finds. :) welcome to the never ending time suck that is the etsy-verse (but you know i'd never have it any other way :P). if i'm not scheming for my shop, i'm surfing and hearting and buying from others. :D
    good luck with all your preparations (but seriously lady, you sound like you've got your stuff together! good for you! :D)

  6. eee! i'm excited to see your etsy store :D
    also, i LOVE lulubugjewelry!! my fave necklace that i wear often [seen in my latest post actually] is by her! and i have like 3 more faved :)


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