Friday, October 29, 2010

A toothpick is the object most-often choked on by Americans

The Goonies
Tonight I really wanna just hang out, do some knitting and watch some movies.  Last night Keith and I watched The Goonies (LOVE that movie!) and tonight we're just staying in.  Keith worked a couple hours north today and it was freeeeeeeezing out and he's tired, so we're just going to hang out and watch some movies.  Do you guys have any movies to recommend?  I guess since it IS almost Halloween, we should watch a scary movie... I'm sure there will be tons on TV this weekend!  I have a GIANT list of movies (and TV shows) that I want to watch, but I never seem to mark any off my list... haha.  I've got lists everywhere!  In notebooks, scrap pieces of paper, on my laptop, on my phone... haha.  I just seem to add to them, never take anything off.  Here are some of the movies on my lists:

(Haha I always notice when people are left handed on TV.  Is anyone else a lefty?!)

I want to see this movie SO badly!!!!!!

Whatever Works
He Was a Quiet Man
City Island
What movies have you guys been wanting to watch?  Have you watched any of these?  Do you have any suggestions?  What was the last movie you watched?


  1. i'm a fan of Lifetime movies.. my Friday night: sitting on my butt watching cheezy lifetime movies that are over-dramatic and reallllly predictable! ha ha!

  2. oh and did i mention, really bad acting? its the BEST!

  3. Um, after seeing your super cool and super non-mainstream list of movies to watch, I feel totally predictable when I say that my must-watch Halloween movie is "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and that the last movie I watched was "Pirates of the Caribbean" (to help get in character for the pirate-themed murder mystery dinner party we're going to tomorrow night.)

    If any of those movies on your list are good, let us know so I can watch them and feel cool too. :)

  4. Okay okay for scary movies I have always been creeped out by The Others which I know came out like 8 years ago but it was so good! Also, not gonna lie, I was all about Babies until I actually saw the movie and it got so boring after awhile since there is zero dialogue :( Right now, I have Grey Gardens sitting next to me and it is allegedly pretty good (confirmed by several of my friends) so I can't wait to pop it in and watch it!

  5. I've been watching Halloween movies all day! Currently watching Hocus Pocus!

  6. Holly,
    Thanks for checkin my blog out and leaving such sweet words in your comment! So glad to have a new blog friend in you. :) And let me say...what talent you have! I LOVE those cowls and scarves in your shop. Might have to buy me a little present for this winter :)

  7. "He Was a Quiet Man"-- I've not heard of that one, but I definitely want to see it now!

    I cringed as I saw your title-- a few years back, I stepped on a toothpick and it went THROUGH my foot. Ouch.

    On Christmas Eve nonetheless!

    Happy Halloween lovely.

  8. gooonies. i love that movie! hilarious! and that baby movie. yes i want to watch that too!

  9. I really want to see that babies movie! I might just do that tomorrow :)

  10. I want to see these! thanks, Holly! :)

  11. omigosh i think that 'babies' movie looks sooo adorable!

    the hubbers and i are cracking up over the trailer for "due date" with RDJ and Zach Galif-something-is. it's surely going to be kind of idiotic, but that's ok, as long as i laugh til i cry. :P


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