Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lemon sharks can grow a new set of teeth in eight days

I'm so excited to show you guys my new logo!!  I absolutely LOVE it!  Dionne designed it for me,  isn't she the greatest?  If you haven't seen her blog before, go check it out!   And if you need any artwork done, I highly suggest asking her!  She's so fun & easy to work with.  She also has a lovely Etsy shop, be sure to check it out!  I love love LOVE it.  Let me know what you guys think!  I'm excited to get new business cards made up, and labels... so excited.  Any other suggestions for things that I should order with that on it?  What do you guys send with your orders?  I'm still trying to figure everything out!  And for those of you who sell items in brick & mortar stores, what do you include with your item? 
I've been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to write any blog entries!  Or read any.  Keith and I had a busy & fun weekend, I'll have to share some photos with you guys once I get a chance to upload them.  And I've been SO busy knitting up orders and running to the store to buy more yarn.  It's good to be busy with that, though!  My birthday is coming up so soon (December 12th!).  I can't believe how fast this year has gone... I feel like I just had a birthday party a couple of months ago.  (Last year was so much fun, hopefully we can top it this year.. haha.)  I've got to knit a few gifts for the people who share my birthday month for me.  Lots of knitting... I hope my wrists can take it.  Haha.  I will be e-mailing everyone who I owe an e-mail.  Thanks so much for all of the feedback on the art project!  I need to get everything organized but I will be e-mailing you soon! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There are no ants in Iceland, Greeland, and Antarctica

(This photo has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but isn't it ADORABLE?!  Apparently sea otters hold hands while they sleep so they don't drift apart.  AHHHHHHH.)
Hey everyone!  First of all, if you haven't read this yet, then please do!  And thank you to everyone who responded or help spread the word!  I'm really excited and I would love to get as many people involved as I possibly can.   I'm going to be sending out e-mails to everyone very soon (I'm Canadian, so we already celebrated Thanksgiving so I'm probably going to be working on them tomorrow.).  You don't have to be the world's greatest artist to help participate!  Maybe you just like playing around in illustrator, or like to doodle different fonts, or like to paint!  I'd love to have you join in on this project with me. Don't worry for those of you who can't draw at all (like me!), once this project is up and running you will be able to participate!  And it's going to be soooo fun.  I wish I could tell you what it is, but it will be more fun if I keep it a surprise for now! 

Today one of my sweet friends Kam from Campfire Chic is doing a spotlight on me & my Etsy shop!  Be sure to check it out and while you're there check out her blog!  Her blog is filled with amazing posts: great treasuries,  tons of blogging tips, loads of DIYs, and recently she spent an entire week on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I learned so much from it!

Chewy Molasses Cookies with Crunchy Lemon Glaze from Apartment Therapy
This weekend one of my friends is having a birthday party, and on Sunday two of Keith's cousins have their confirmation, then his family is getting together afterwards, so I was thinking of making something to bring to both things.  Do you guys have any suggestions for something to make & bring?
Peanut Butter(button?) Cookies by Bakerella
Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Pretzels by Savory Sweet Life
Vanilla Chai Cupcakes by Gimme Some Oven
Peppermint Bark by ebenlemon
One last thing!  I'm planning on starting to have some sponsors on my blog (I know I briefly mentioned this a little while ago).   Let me know if you're interested!  I'm hoping to start it for December, and DEFINITELY have sponsors for January!  (Next year is seriously going to be huge for my blog.  I'm excited!!)  Just send me an e-mail or leave a comment here if you are interested and I'll send you all the info this week! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I need your help!

I am planning something HUGE for my blog next year and I need your help!  I am looking for people who loooove to draw and would like to help me out on my project!  I'm hoping to get a bunch of different artists to help me out with this.  There are a couple people I know who love to doodle, and I'm going to ask if they want to help out, but I would love to have a bunch of different people involved.  Do you like to doodle?  Or do you have a friend who does?  I'm hoping this project that I'm working on is going to be HUGE, and I would love to help people get some exposure my having them be part of it!  I don't want to give anything away, but it's going to be a lot of fun.  If you know anyone who you think would like to be part of this, or if you would, please comment here or send me an e-mail!  (hollcrawford@gmail.com)  If you're into art & drawing things at all, please let me know!  And I would love it if you guys would help spread the word!  Thanks everyone!

(PS I made the front page of papernstitch again today!  Woo!  I'm on a roll, haha.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The pupil in a goat's eye is rectangular

Yesterday another one of my items made the front page of papernstitch!  And I made another Etsy sale!  Annnnnnnnnnd I got my first wholesale order!!  It was a pretty good day for Holly Knitlightly!  haha.  My hats are going to be for sale at Nathalie-Roze & Co in Toronto!  This Saturday Nathalie-Roze is hosting an amazing event called Crafternoon Tea:
Crafternoon Tea is a much-loved indie craft & fashion market, a DIY den and a charity tea-party all rolled into one. Crafternoon Tea (CT) showcases over 30 indie craftista-designers and their lovely wares ~ with most items priced well under $50, lots of merch under $30 & nothing over $75. Proceeds from the tea service, bake sale & raffle will benefit Woodgreen Community Centre and Red Door Shelter (Leslieville).
Crafternoon Tea has raised over $10K for various East-End charities, since kicking off in 2004.
Doesn't that sound awesome?  I'm going to try & get Keith to take me to Toronto to check it out!  I know that some of you live in Toronto, you should definitely stop by and show your support!  (And take photos for those of us that can't make it!)
Tonight I'm knitting up some hats for Nathalie-Roze & Co, and trying to fight off this cold I'm starting to get!  I've been taking lots of echinacea, vitamins & coldFX, but I'm not sure if it's going to do the trick.  I hope none of you are sick or getting sick right now!  When you are sick what do you like to do?  Any tips or tricks to try and get rid of a cold?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lightning CAN strike the same place twice

Today I got my Anthropologie catalog in the mail.  They had a photo of a sheep wearing boots!  AHHHH.   Look how soft that sheep looks!  Hahaha I just love them so much.  Today Megan finally received the package that I sent her for her birthday!  So now I can tell you guys the secret project that Megan, Ilene, Shawni, Sandy & I are all doing!  A while ago Megan mentioned that she wanted to be part of something like the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants and have something that traveled around from person to person.  So I thought it would be awesome if the five of us has some sort of journal that we would write in, then send to the next girl!  I'm sooooooooooo excited to do this project with them!  It's going to be such a blast. Plus they are all soooo creative, I'm going to be so inspired every time that I receive the journal in the mail!  I'm sure that I'll be posting some photos on my blog of what I write in it, maybe they will be too!  It's going to be so fun.  If you have a friend or some friends that live far away from you, maybe you could do something like this with them?  Or let me know if you've ever done anything like this!
the notebook doodles

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolate can help you live longer*

So, as it turns out, documenting your day in photos is pretty hard to do when you don't bring your camera outside of the hotel.  Haha.  I was scared that some of the bars we were going to wouldn't let me bring my camera inside, and I didn't want to leave it in a coat check, so I just left it at the hotel.  I do have some photos to share with you though!  And one of my friends had her camera (but of course we forgot to take photos after a while) so I'll share some of hers.  Anyways, this is what I have!
The first thing I did when I woke up (after I laid in bed for a bit) was packed my bag.  Of course I had to bring some of my knitting for the ride!  (But I felt carsick...)
After packing I showered and ate some breakfast.  I looooove vanilla soy milk with cereal.  It's so good!
I wrote a quick blog post, then my friends arrived to pick me up.
Even though our destination was only an hour away, we had to stop before we got there!  Haha.  That's okay though, we got some fries & teas, and got to check out what the new rest stops are going to look like.
First sight of the hotel!  (Which we probably won't be staying at again... but oh well!)
Waiting at the stop light & trying to figure out where to go to pull into the hotel.
We're heeeeeeeere!  (Hahahaha I am so bad at writing captions!)
Our view... mostly of the parking lot & some mist.  We were only on the 4th floor, ha.  The view was a lot better from the observation deck!  (Or, so I hear. I stayed in bed to get 5 more minutes of sleep while the others went up to see in the morning!  ha.)
As soon as we got there, we instantly started getting ready for a night out!  (Well, they did.  I don't wear makeup, haha.  I painted my nails, and then Alex decided to do my makeup for me.)
(This is more my idea of getting ready.  Hahah just kidding..)
I creeped on Meaghan getting ready. 
And pretty Alex!
(Took this from Brooke.  Me, Meaghan, Alex & Brooke!)
Brooke & I walked down the street (way further than the woman at the front desk told us!) to the store to buy some snacks, and decided that we should take a cab to dinner instead of walking.  It was SO cold outside and we weren't properly dressed.  This is where the photos kind of stop... haha.  Here is one when we were about to go back to the hotel for the night (only to get there & decide to take a little walk down to see the falls.. and of course my camera was sitting on the table in the hotel room!)
Me & Meghan.  Definitely time for bed after a long day!
Brooke took this the next day (while I was catching a few more zzz's) when they went to the observation deck.
And that was it!  Next time I will DEFINITELY take some more photos!  Hopefully you guys enjoyed looking at these though.  As I was uploading these photos I realized there are a LOT of photos that I still need to share with you guys!  I'll be posting those soon.  I hope everyone had a great Thursday!

*DARK chocolate. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A world cup referee will run further than the players, at 12 miles in a 90 minute match

This morning I got an e-mail saying that one of my items was handpicked for the front page of papernstitch today! Ah, I was so happy!  I still am!  Be sure to check out the front page to look at it, and look at all of the other lovely shops that are being shown on papernstitch for the month!

Yeah, I took a screen shot!  Hahaha.
I'm still going to share the photos from my weekend away (and all of the other random photos that I still need to post on here!) but I just wanted to do a quick post about this.  I'm so happy!  Oh, and I'm also thinking about offering free advertising on my blog for the month of December, the only rule is that you have to be willing to have a giveaway on my blog for my readers!  I have a few names written down and I will send them e-mails this week, but I would love to hear what you think about it.  Would you be interested?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ants stretch and yawn when they wake up

Ah, I haven't been on the computer much since Friday!  The weekend was spent in the Falls with some friends, and we had such a good time!  I'll be sharing photos with you soon!  The battery is dead so I have to re-charge it before I can upload them.  And the past couple of days I've been hanging out with Keith because he hasn't had to work.  Today we went out of town looking at trucks for him to buy, he found one he really likes but we're going to keep looking around for a bit.  Then went out for all day breakfast (I LOVE breakfast!) and hung out with our friend Scott for a bit.  Today I also made my FIRST sale on Etsy!  Ah, I was so happy to get that e-mail on my phone when we were out!  I've made a few sales, but they have all been from people living in my city so we just met up.   This was the first sale I've made from someone online!  AWESOME.  If any of you guys are thinking about buying something from my shop, don't forget that if you mention you read my blog you will get 10% off your order!  (I'll refund you through paypal.)   This month my shop is also being featured on papernstitch, so be sure to check it out!  And while you're there check out all of the other awesome shops being featured!  There are so many awesome things, I've definitely added a few items to my birthday list!

So I used to LOVE watching random videos on youtube (ha, who am I kidding.  I still do.) and a while ago I found the cutest kid ever singing songs and playing the ukulele. 
Hahahaha I love it, he's hilarious!  There are some more videos on his channel, check them out.  Tomorrow I will be back with photos from my trip, and photos of the cake pops that I made last week!  Hope everyone has a great night!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's the weekendddddddd!

Hey everyone!  This is just going to be a quick post because I'm just about to go to Niagara Falllllllllls... I'm so excited!  I'm planning on documenting my day through pictures (hopefully I actually DO it!  Haha.) so I can share it with you guys on here.    I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Pizza Planet trucks from Toy Story has appeared in nearly every Pixar/Disney movie

Hey everyone! So yesterday I mentioned that my friend Shawni opened up her Etsy shop! Did you guys check it out? It's filled with pretty bookmarks and beautiful headbands that she created! (and hey!  If you are a follower of Megan's blog, you may get a deal from Shawni's shop!  Check it out!)  Here are a few of my favourites:
Jane by abitoflace
Anne by abitoflace
Edna by abitoflace
Liz by abitoflace
This one is named after Liz from srslyliz!
Oh and I found this video earlier today, ahaha I think it's hilarious how he just totally chills out!
Tonight I'm just staying in and hanging out with Keith.  Tomorrow I'm going to the Falls with friends and I think it will be a busy weekend!  Hope everyone has a great Friday!  Oh, and don't forget!  10% off in my Etsy shop until November 30th!  (They make great gifts!  haha.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giveaway winners! And a surprise??

It's time to announce the giveaway winners!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  There were sooooooooo many entries.  I really appreciate all of you guys reading my blog & supporting me.  It really means a lot to me!  So, thank you!  I wish I could give each and every one of you something from my store!   But, then I would go broke shipping you guys everything & buying tons and tons of yarn to make them all... so I can't.  Haha.  BUT, I can give away three prizes to three lovely people! 

The winner of the cowl is Kelli G!  E-mail me & let me know what colour you would like (I can make it in any colour under the rainbow!).  And the two winners of 25$ to my shop are Roxy and Kara Lynn!  Congratulations!  Since I can't give you all something for free (because sadly I'm not rich.) but I want to show you guys just how much I appreciate you, if you order something from my shop from now until November 30th, I'll take 10% off your order!  (I'll refund you the money through paypal.)   All you have to do is mention that you read the blog in the message to seller!  Oh and if you didn't win this time, don't worry!  I plan on having a lot of giveaways in the near future! 

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -128.6°F (-89.2°C) in Vostok, Antarctica

Today is my little sister, Sara's birthday.  She's now legal drinking age!  Haha.  Here are some ollllllllld photos of the two of us.
Me, our cousin Nathan & Sara
Hahaha yes, my shorts say "Holly".

Happy birthday Sara!
(I'll post the giveaway winners later today!  And today my lovely friend Shawni opened up her Etsy shop, so make sure to go and check it out & buy a few things!  It's wonderful.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Q is the only letter that never appears in the name of a US State

Hey!  Haha I'm glad you enjoyed those images from yesterday.  They're hilarious.  I think next summer I'm definitely going to try and re-create some, and I will be posting them on my blog!   Today I made some cake pops, with the help of the tutorial I found on Vanny's blog.  It's my sister's birthday tomorrow, so I'll be posting the photos that I took later.  And don't forget to enter my blog giveaway!!  Today is the last day to enter, so be sure to enterrrrrr!

So I found this website (quite a while ago.  I used to be somewhat addicted to stumbleupon... haha!  I just love it.) that is filled with with weird & unusual hotels.  It would be my DREAM to get to stay in every one of these & do a review.  How awesome would that be?  A lot of people do lists such as 101 things to do in 1,001 days and 30 things to do before age 30, I've been wanting to do a list like that but kind of like a bucket list... I've got quite a few lists of things that I want to do one day (I will share some of them with you very soon on here!  Some I'm keeping a secret for a while... haha.) and I think it would be so awesome to try and visit as many of these weird and unusual hotels.  Here are a few hotels, I think I might do a monthly feature about these.  We'll see!

A 48 foot bed & breakfast in the UK that used to be a passenger luggage van that you can stay at for under 100$US a night.
For 400-500$US you can stay the night in an igloo in Gstaad, Switzerland. (AWESOME!!!!!  I would absolutely LOVE to stay here.  Keith always talks about how he wants to stay in an ice hotel for a vacation.)
For less than 100$US a night you can camp cozy in an awesome Yurt in the UK!  I loooooooooove Yurts.  I remember seeing a photo of one (probably on tumblr or something) a few years ago and I thought it was the coolest thing.  I would love love LOVe to stay in one of these, or live in one for a few months or a year or something.  I think it would be such a great experience.  There's actually a guy who lives in the town just outside of my city who lives in one.  My sister went to visit it back when she was in high school.  He's even got a blog.  I just think Yurt's are awesome.
Have any of you guys stayed in a weird or unusual hotel before?  I don't think I ever have... I've stayed in a ton of different hotels all over the East Coast of North America... but no where ever strange or unusual.  At least not that I can think of.  Maybe I've stayed in a haunted hotel and just never realized it?  Years ago I stayed in the same hotel in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island that the queen stayed at?  Does that count?  Haha.  I'd love to hear your stories if you've ever stayed at a weird hotel!  Or do you have any hotels that you really want to stay at?  Are there some strange hotels you have came across?  Or just weird ones.  I love that kind of stuff, so please share! 
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