Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barbie's full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts.

WHOA.  You guys are amazing.  I can't believe the amount of comments I have got for the giveaway!  If you haven't entered yet, don't worry!  You have until next week to enter so go ahead!  I'm loving all of the random facts you guys have posted, haha.  And my phone has been lighting up like crazy!  (I get all of my comments e-mailed to me on my phone.)  I love it.  I want all of you to win something, haha.  Seriously.  

Today I received SUCH a lovely package from Jenny from Just Sweet Love.  It made me so happy, she gave me such a sweet letter with it and threw in some of her lovely cards!  She sells her pretty cards on Etsy, check them out!

Love Two by justsweetlove
Love Six by justsweetlove
Check out her blog while you're at it too.  She always posts such inspiring photos and is just such a sweet girl!  I absolutely adore her.  Thanks again Jenny!

Today one of my best friends Megan from moonbeamwishes posted an interview that we did while sitting in lovely Paris (haha, we wish!), so go check it out and follow her lovely blog while you're at it!  And speaking of Megan, I received a lovely package from her yesterday!   It was so sweet and filled with love.  I really felt like it was my birthday this week with all of the great packages I've received!  Speaking of birthdays (haha) it's Megan's birthday this Friday!  So excited for her.  I'm going to take some photos of all of the lovely things I've received in the mail (and sent out!  Once everyone receives their packages, of course) and post it on my blog!  Oh, and I think I might start featuring a blog/website once a week again like I did a few months ago.  I really liked doing it and I love exposing you guys to new things!

Tonight Keith and I are going to hang out, watch some House (got season 4 on DVD today!  So excited, hahaha.) and drink some tea.  I just made some Peace Tea from Algonquin Tea Company.  It's soooooooo good.  Keith's sister suggested trying it and I love it so much.  What are you guys up to tonight?  I hope you all have a wonderful night, whatever it is you're doing!

(Oh and by the way once the giveaway is closed I will be commenting back to everyone who commented!  I appreciate all of the comments sooooooo much.  And you guys are coming up with some hilarious random facts about yourselves!  Love it.)


  1. um, it's because your giveaway is friggin' AWESOME!!! also, do you have a blackberry? if you do, add my pin: 2088365C we can be bbm buddies. if you don't, pretend that didn't happen haha ;)

  2. You are SOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!!
    I wish you were sitting right next to me, I would give you a ginormous bear hug!!!!!!!!!!
    Ooooo that tea sounds soo good!!!
    My mum is wrapping up my b.d. presents so part of the house is blocked off from me entering! :P
    I will be posting your giveaway on my blog on Friday!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!
    I looove those cards!!!! and I am so happy that you loved the package I sent you!!!
    Just wait for your birthday package!!! ;)
    I hope you have a wonderful night!!!
    much much love,

  3. I love drinking tea...we do it almost every afternoon.

  4. love tea and love house...enjoy them both!

  5. You are so amazing how can people NOT be so supportive. You deserve the best in the world. I adore you adn miss megan so so much <33


  6. those cards are absolutely lovely. isn't real mail so fun? i just love it. like LOVE IT. mmm, love you, holly!

  7. :D

    your giveaway was a lot of fun to enter. ;)


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