Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolate can help you live longer*

So, as it turns out, documenting your day in photos is pretty hard to do when you don't bring your camera outside of the hotel.  Haha.  I was scared that some of the bars we were going to wouldn't let me bring my camera inside, and I didn't want to leave it in a coat check, so I just left it at the hotel.  I do have some photos to share with you though!  And one of my friends had her camera (but of course we forgot to take photos after a while) so I'll share some of hers.  Anyways, this is what I have!
The first thing I did when I woke up (after I laid in bed for a bit) was packed my bag.  Of course I had to bring some of my knitting for the ride!  (But I felt carsick...)
After packing I showered and ate some breakfast.  I looooove vanilla soy milk with cereal.  It's so good!
I wrote a quick blog post, then my friends arrived to pick me up.
Even though our destination was only an hour away, we had to stop before we got there!  Haha.  That's okay though, we got some fries & teas, and got to check out what the new rest stops are going to look like.
First sight of the hotel!  (Which we probably won't be staying at again... but oh well!)
Waiting at the stop light & trying to figure out where to go to pull into the hotel.
We're heeeeeeeere!  (Hahahaha I am so bad at writing captions!)
Our view... mostly of the parking lot & some mist.  We were only on the 4th floor, ha.  The view was a lot better from the observation deck!  (Or, so I hear. I stayed in bed to get 5 more minutes of sleep while the others went up to see in the morning!  ha.)
As soon as we got there, we instantly started getting ready for a night out!  (Well, they did.  I don't wear makeup, haha.  I painted my nails, and then Alex decided to do my makeup for me.)
(This is more my idea of getting ready.  Hahah just kidding..)
I creeped on Meaghan getting ready. 
And pretty Alex!
(Took this from Brooke.  Me, Meaghan, Alex & Brooke!)
Brooke & I walked down the street (way further than the woman at the front desk told us!) to the store to buy some snacks, and decided that we should take a cab to dinner instead of walking.  It was SO cold outside and we weren't properly dressed.  This is where the photos kind of stop... haha.  Here is one when we were about to go back to the hotel for the night (only to get there & decide to take a little walk down to see the falls.. and of course my camera was sitting on the table in the hotel room!)
Me & Meghan.  Definitely time for bed after a long day!
Brooke took this the next day (while I was catching a few more zzz's) when they went to the observation deck.
And that was it!  Next time I will DEFINITELY take some more photos!  Hopefully you guys enjoyed looking at these though.  As I was uploading these photos I realized there are a LOT of photos that I still need to share with you guys!  I'll be posting those soon.  I hope everyone had a great Thursday!

*DARK chocolate. 


  1. So awesome! I've always wanted to see Niagra Falls... looks like a fun trip! :]

  2. I take my camera with me everywhere...I actually get weird looks when I walk into the grocery store with my dslr around my neck..oh well! you never know when a photo op will come along so I don't mind the odd looks ;)

  3. It sounds like you had so much fun!!! I love the photos that did get taken!! How beautiful!! I love the view from your hotel {Very Stephen King's the Mist} :) and that ball of yarn is so beautiful!!!!
    Now I really want to go to the Falls!!! P.S> You are so beautiful!!! Have a wonderful weekend love!!! xoxo

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I definitely need to see Niagara Falls soem day!

  5. HOLLY you are sooo beautiful! ahhh. looks like a ton of fun! <3

  6. Love these! It looks like you had such a fun time. I've always wanted to try documenting a day with photos, but I figure I'll always forget halfway through the day. Also, how are you able to look so pretty without make-up?! I'm jealous.


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