Saturday, November 6, 2010

The first person to climb Mount Everest could not read.

Today I was reminded about The Sketchbook Project!  I haven't done anything with it yet.  My theme is "Things Found on Restaurant Napkins".  Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should do?  I've got an entire notebook (err, sketchbook!) to fill.  So I can do everything & anything!  And I will definitely be posting photos of what I have done to show you guys!  What would you guys do if you had an entire notebook to fill and your theme was "Things Found on Restaurant Napkins"?  You don't have to stick to the theme, just loosely base the notebook around it.  And if you think it's a cool idea, you can still sign up!  They moved the deadline to sign up back, so now is your chance to get it!  Or you can wait until next year... but you should do it now!  Haha.  Why not? 


  1. oooh yay your doing the project! i wanted to - but decided that it might be best not to add another project to my plate. so glad you are though!

    some ideas that came to mind of things found on restaurant napkins: love notes, things to do list, ketchup, crying/happy tears...the possibilities are endless!!

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