Thursday, December 9, 2010

The length of your foot is the same as the length of your forearm

So, I'm not sure if I've ever told you guys about one of my favourite things...

Archie Comic Books.

Hahaha I LOVE them!  I remember the first time I ever read one... I was at the grocery store with my mom & she suggested I get one, and I didn't really think I'd like it... but I got it anyway and LOVED it.   And then I wanted to go grocery shopping all the time to buy a new one.  And now I have boxes & boxes full of them..  I still want to buy a new one when I'm at the grocery store, ha!  Even though it takes like 20 minutes to read the entire book.  (OH and is it just me or have they gotten smaller?  Double digests are so much thinner now!  What is up with that?) When I was little and in Quebec, I bought a French one.. just to have, I guess?  One of my favourites was when they came to Canada (I remember reading that one at my cottage).  I love finding out that my friends have a ton of Archie comic books, ha.  My friend Meaghan & I always talk about how we have to get together with a bunch of our Archies and just read.  (By the way Meaghan, we should do that this winter!)  And then last year or whenever it was, they came out with "new & improved" comics. 
WHAT is that supposed to be?! Terrible... ha.  They look so strange!!  Did you read Archie comic books when you were younger?  Let me know!  We will chat Archie!  Hahaha.  Oh and I'm a total Betty fan, all the way!  Veronica was such a jerrrrrrrrk!  And I still want to go to Pop Tate's and have a soda pop.  (Soda pop always sounds so much better than plain old pop.  Ha.) 

Tonight Keith is picking his friend up in Toronto from the airport, so I'm just going to catch up on some blogs & finishing knitting some birthday & Christmas presents for the weekend!  I'm excited for my birthday weekenddddddd!  (Haha yeah I totally try and drag my birthday out as long as I can... it's my birthday week right now.  And since my birthday is on a Sunday right now, my birthday week will continue next week.  Not that than means anything, of course.  Just that I say "it's my birthday week".)  On Saturday we're going out for breakfast with a bunch of people, then over to Keith's uncle's house for dinner (who I just found out LOVES Archie comic books!!!) and then we're heading to our friend Jesse's house.  It's Jesse and our friend Sam's birthdays on Saturday, so he's having a birthday party.  Plus we're celebrating all of the December birthdays (Jesse & Sam's on the 11th, mine on the 12th, and Shannon's on the 24th.).  I'm going to make some stuff to bring... I'm just not sure what I'm making yet.  But it's' going to be fun!  Then on Sunday it's my birthday and I'm going out for dinner with my family (and eating candy cane ice cream, the best ice cream ever.) and then going out for some karaoke with friends.  hahaha.  Oh and I'm going to TRY and document my entire weekend!  But, we all know how that has gone the past few times I've tried... haha. 

Today is also my friend Trevor's birthday!!!  Happy birthday Turps!!  He is also a big fan of Archie comic books, ha!  I remember one time we read Archies to each other, he read all the guys & I read all the girls. 


  1. I LOVED Archie comics when I was younger, too! My favorite was also Betty...I thought Veronica was too much of a priss. :)

    And, not going to lie...I checked to see if your title fact was true. And if it is, I must be deformed! Because my foot's probably a good two inches shorter than my forearm! Haha!

  2. I don't ever remember reading any when I was growing up -- from your blog post, I think I'm missing out on A LOT :)

  3. maahaha yes yes yes!! i read these puppies whenever i went to my grandmothers house as a little girl then i started my own collection. yes i collect them and have loads of them. and still read them whenever i head to grandmothers house. classic amazing. and yes i can't believe how they changed them.

  4. My birthday's on Sunday, too! And I'm dragging it out all weekend - December birthdays have to be completely overdone in order to compete with Christmas! Have a great time on yours!

  5. I loved Archie comics so much!! My grandmom always bought them for me. :]
    Betty is where it's at too!

  6. YES!!!!!! I LOVE Archie!!!!! That is my FAVORITE comic book of ALL time!!! I have a huge box filled to the brim of these books!! I remember the series about 7 or 8 months ago when Archie was supposed to be married to Veronica and I just about died!! He HAS to end up with Betty {or neither one. I like it when he is indecisive and goes out with both!} My favorite character is Jughead. I LOVE him!!! I actually found a little plushie on Amazon and he is sitting on my shelf in my room. I also have a pin collection so I can wear a little piece of Riverdale!
    And I TOTALLY agree with you!! I would LOVE to have a soda pop over at Pop's Dinner!!! and maybe a hamburger with Jughead!! :)
    {I think I am going to have to take photos of my Archie collection to share!!! :]}
    I Looooooooooooooooove you!!!!!!!

  7. oh my goodness! i am a huge archie fan!!!!!!!!! my friend michelle is an even bigger fan though. you two should definitely chat archie :) i am team betty also, i was a huge tomboy when i was a kid so i loved her. veronica didn't stand a chance in my books.


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