Thursday, December 23, 2010

Most of the residents of Coober Pedy, Australia live underground

Yesterday I shared the organized 31 Bits with you, and today I want to show you guys Krochet Kids International.  

Krochet Kids intl. has continued to grow and evolve in ways we never imagined since we earned our non-profit status in 2007.  Today, over 100 people go to our compound in Northern Uganda everyday to work and to rewrite their stories for the better.  The products created abroad have been well received here at home and the cooperation of our staff in America and artists in Northern Uganda has created a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment.
Uganda is but one microcosmic example of what we hope to replicate throughout impoverished communities around the globe.  Join with us as we continue to spread the good word of hope and empowerment …
They sell hats & accessories made by women in Northern Uganda, and clothing to help spread the word.
The Waldo - $24.95
The Barney - $24.95
The Old Africa Tee - $24.95
The Christoph Scarf - $31.95


  1. i love the africa tee.....i wants it! love you sister! See you christmas day....


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