Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The names of the four ghosts in Pac-Man are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde

It's FINALLY snowing! I'm so happy, haha. I always wish for snow on and around my birthday. It seems that everywhere in Ontario is getting tons of snow right now, except my city. We always seem to miss the big snow storms and just get a little bit. Bummer. At least it's a bummer for people like me, who love the snow. I don't really know why I love it so much. It's not like I'm someone who goes skiing or snowboarding every year. I just really like the snow, and I love waking up to a bunch of fresh snow. & then letting Squirt out and watching her run around and lick all of the fresh snow, haha.
(This isn't a photo of Squirt, but she looks like this dog! Except for the brown patch over her eye, ha.)
A few years ago when Keith and I first started dating, we went tobogganing one night. He took me to some hill I've never seen before out in the country and we went up and down the hill a total of four times, haha. (I remember this because I have a thing about the number four, but that's a whole other story... ha.) I probably haven't mentioned how clumsy I am before, but I am sooooo clumsy. I drop almost everything I touch, I walk into things, I slip and fall a lot, hahaha I am just a huge klutz. So, it wasn't that surprising that I somehow managed to get a branch in my ear when we were tobogganing that night. And it bled, for about two weeks. Once I got the twig in my ear, I was done tobogganing for the night. I thought I was going to go deaf. And it was pretty embarrassing, because we had just started dating. So we walk over to his truck, and I'm taking my time taking my snow pants off & my mitts and everything... and he's doing the same over on his side. I'm taking a real long time... and so he comes over to see what's going on and I'm standing there throwing up. Hahaha don't ask my why I threw up, but I did. So, I got a branch in my ear that made it bleed (and freak me out into thinking I was going to go deaf in one ear) and then I threw up. From TOBOGGANING. Hahaha poor Keith...

Today is my lovely friend Mandy's birthday! Be sure to check out her blog, wish her a happy birthday, and enter all of the amazing giveaways that she is throwing today! There are 17 giveaways today! Whoa. I hope you have a wonderful birthday Mandy!


  1. oh man, that is a pretty traumatic tobogganing story! yeah stoney creek is missing out on the snow too! what a rip off. as long as i don't have to go anywhere i love the snow. it is sooo pretty.

  2. I LOVE your dog's coat. The hat is the best part.

  3. CUTEST DOG PICTURE EVER. I wish this were your dog.

    I no longer sled because I once shattered my tailbone doing it. At age 22. Ummm...

  4. im soo jealous of you!
    That snow looks beautiful!
    I wish I can experience that.
    Instead in Cali it just rains like crzy!

    your little doggy is so cute I wanna squueze him!



  5. Um I would flip out too if I basically punctured my ear via tobogonning! I also would like to go tobogonning!!

    AND I nominated you for a little award over at my blog gf :)


  6. omg the photo of that dog is adorable!!

  7. The pic of the dog is soooo cute!! I love it! Thanks for sharing :)


  8. eeep!! Be careful friend!!!!!!!! That would scare the beegesers out out me if that happened!!! I never knew what a ruff activity tobogonning could be! PS Keith is such an amazing fellow and I am so glad that he is always there for you and makes you happy! You are such an amazing person and you only deserve happiness!!!
    PSS CUTE photo!!
    Have a wonderful day friend!!!

  9. Haha! That story was too funny. I'm glad you didn't go deaf, though. Wait. You didn't go deaf, did you? lol

    And I want snow!


  10. We got a bit of snow...I really hate driving in it.

  11. ooh, hahahaha. what a story! that would be sooo scary!


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