Sunday, December 5, 2010

One in five Americans believes in alien abductions

I've been pretty busy lately! I finished up my first wholesale order, and on Friday Keith, my sister & I went to Toronto to drop the hats off at the store. You can now find Holly Knitlightly hats at Nathalie-Roze & Co! After we dropped the hats off, my sister met up with one of her friends and Keith & I hung out in Kensington Market for a bit. I bought him a couple Christmas presents (haha which he picked out.) and we got some smoothies. Then we met back up with my sister & her friend, and we went to Little Italy to eat. I didn't get a chance to go to any of the yarn stores I wanted to go to, but I think we'll be going back before the year is over... so hopefully I can pick up some nice yarn to make some new things for the shop! I also kind of documented my day, so I'll be posting those photos soon.

Today I knit some chunky slipper socks for myself (I'll take a photo and post it later this week) and wrote out a list of everything that I need to make for Christmas. If any of you guys are thinking of ordering something from my shop or want a custom order made for you, let me know! That way I can get started on it soon and get it shipped to you in time for Christmas.

I'm still feeling kind of sick, my chest feels reallllllly heavy and I have this cough that won't go away... but I've been taking lots of vitamins and I'm hoping that I won't get any worse. I haven't really been on the computer much lately (except to watch episodes of "House" while I knit, haha.) but tomorrow I'm planning on getting all caught up & sending out a TON of e-mails!

This week I'm just going to focus on getting everything ready for my blog for next year (I'm excited for you guys to find out what I'm doing!! But not yet, haha.), knitting Christmas presents and custom orders, getting better for my birthday (a week today!), and hopefully get together with Keith's sisters and cousin to take some more photos of all of the products that I've got ready to put in the shop! Maybe I'll make a few more items too.

Oh, and I'm planning on saving up and buying either this:
27 inches. My Macbook Pro is pretty much done. I mean, it still works but the screen is broken. They said it would be 1,000$+ to fix it.
Or this:
I found an AWESOME deal for this camera. I've been wanting to upgrade mine (I'll give mine to my Mom) and this one can record videos.

Oh and I'm so glad that all of you loved the new logo! It's perfect. Dionne did such an amazing job! Can't wait to get new business cards made. Hope you guys all had a great weekend! What did you do?

(Oh and congratulations to Becky & Elycia on both getting engaged recently!! Congrats!)


  1. wow lady you are moving up!!! Keep the knitting up!! :) I'm so stoked for you!!!! I hope you get both the wonderfulness mac EVER ;) and the rebel! I bed you could look on craigslist and find a deal on a rebel!

    Thank you so much for the congratulations!!! SO sososo sweet of you! :)

  2. You're one busy lady!

    I'd love to get the Rebel T1i... I got my XSi two years ago and I LOVE it, but the T1i can just do so much more!

  3. Congrats on the whole sale order!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! You are doing such an AMAZING job!!!!
    I love love love your new logo! I will have to add your new button to my blogroll!!! And I love that camera/computer!!! You have such amazing taste!!!!!
    I have to get going on Christmas wrapping and then I have to send them out!!!!! Busy, busy, busy!!!!
    Have an AMAZING monday friend!!!!!
    love love love,

  4. I'm looking at that very same camera right now... where did you find that deal?

  5. ooh congrats on the wholesale order!

    sounds like a busy and fun weekend. :)

  6. congrats on coming so far with your business... you've worked hard and totally deserve it!

    as for the two items, i have and love BOTH. but i think a computer takes precedence over a camera. <3

  7. I have a canon rebel xsi and it's amazing! I wish it shot videos! If you get this one, let me know how it works!

    ps: I love your blog titles. ;)

  8. Love the new header! And that camera looks seriously awesome.

  9. Holly! Congrats on the first whole sale order, that's amazing! And hurry up and get better for your b-day girl!

    also your mom jusssssttt miiiggghhhtttt have gotten something from my shop ;) ;) ;)


  10. eeee, thank you for the congrats :) you are so sweet!

    tough choice between an awesome computer and an awesome camera!

    and congrats on the wholesale order!!!


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