Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You share your birthday with approximately 18 million people worldwide

Today I spent quite a bit of time looking at websites that give to different charities.  Now I’m wishing I saw some of these sooner, so that I could have bought different things from each of them for Christmas presents.  I think I may pick some things up after the holidays anyway, and I’ll definitely be buying from them for birthday presents for others next year!  The next few days, I’ll be posting different stores online that give back to charities, and I’ll be sharing some of my favourite items from the shops.  If you know of any or have bought from some in the past, please share!   

31 Bits is a business using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty.  31 Bits Designs is a socially minded business designed to give internally displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to counter poverty. By giving our beneficiaries access to the international market, they are able to earn an instant income, providing homes, food, and education for their families. Our program equips women by providing literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and strong support systems, empowering individuals to further their careers and attain social equity.
(From the website)
You can get to know more about all of the women who design the various necklaces, bracelets and headbands.
Daphne - 10$
Darby - 14$
Cobblestone - 32$
PB - 30$
Ollie Twist - 42$

There are a few different ways to get involved with 31 Bits; they are always looking for interns to help out with the following:
  • Administrative/Sales
  • PR/Marketing
  • Event/Volunteer Coordinating
  • Visual Rhetoric
  • Video Editing
You can host a party at your home and they’ll send you a box of jewelry and all of the information you need to help spread the word.  Or, you could buy a piece of jewelry and help out 63 different women in Uganda at the same time. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am definitely going to their website to learn more.

  2. this is such a great cause! and the necklaces are so pretty too! missed you holly!!

  3. great cause! thanks for sharing! i wish I had known too! that's a great cause!

  4. oh this is super cool!! thanks for sharing, friend!!

  5. What a great organization and they sell such CUTE stuff too :)

  6. I know that girl in the last photo... Jayme Dee from youtube. she has the most beautiful voice. at least I think that is here. this is such a cool cause. :)


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