Friday, January 7, 2011

The average age of Russian billionaires is 46

So I never really post any photos of myself on here, haha. I was going through some old pictures... ahahaha oh man.
Showing my Gary Coleman love... RIP buddy.  This was somewhere in Vermont.
I used to have really short hair, now it's....
Like this.  Except it's usually in focus, and not so blurry.
I have a super cute dog.... Squirtle.  Squirtis.  Puppernickle.  Squirty.  Squirtle Dirtle.

She really likes to pose for the camera.
Unlike me.  I don't know how to pose.  I do weird things with my hands.
Like this.  This is why I could never be a fashion blogger.  (Plus, I know absolutely nothing about fashion.  I like dresses because then I don't have to worry about making things match.  Like my pants and my shirt.  Too hard.)

Me with one of my bfffliffles (I have no idea what that means) Tracy, a few years ago. 
Oh hey, did I ever tell you guys I met Weird Al? 
'Cause I totally did...
I probably should have posted all of these Christmas photos when it was still December... but I'm usually late with everything I do, ha.
Hahahahahahah this photo of my sister makes me laugh so hard.
There ya go. Now I'll probably go another couple of months without any photos of me. Haha.  I'm going to try & get better at posting photos of things that I've been doing.  I have a ton of stuff that I still need to share with you guys!  I've been thinking of adding some weekly blog features & maybe some monthly ones.  Once I get that all figured out I think Moorea is going to update my blog a little bit.  Add some more links up at the top underneath the header and add a spot for blog sponsors!  I'm hoping in February to FINALLY have blog sponsors!   Let me know if you are interested in sponsoring!

I'll be back a little later on with Old Rock Day celebrations!  (And photos of the green beans recipe that I made!) 


  1. You should definitely post photos of yourself more often. You're too cute!!

    <3 Ashley

  2. I loved this post and all of the pictures.
    You are so pretty miss.
    And... Awesome that you met Weird Al! haha

  3. I love this post! So many random facts about Holly... I feel like I know you way better now :]

  4. You are sooo cute Holly!
    I Love your long hair!
    Ew Gary Colman is a creep (RIP) I met him once & it wasnt pretty! Oh your lucky u met weird all! did he sing you a song! Heheh


    Have a great wknd!

  5. gorgeous smile at all ages :)

  6. I love seeing pics of other bloggers! You are too cute, even if you don't know what to do with your hands while getting your picture made :)

  7. you are so beautiful!!!
    you should post more photos of yourself here!!!
    i am not too fashion savvy myself, but i still love doing those posts! you totally should too!! you are sooooooooo darling!!!
    i love you!!! i hope you, keith and squirt are having a wonderful day and have a fabulous weekend!!

  8. Ps I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe weird al!!!!! he is so awesome and i wish i was there when you met him!!! :) xoxo

  9. Ooh you are so lucky to have gotten to meet weird al. One of my favorite memories is going to his show with my parents and brother. So fun! Your puppy is cute too!

  10. holly, i loved these pictures!! still wish we could have met up in chicago when you were there last summer. loved your chi-town pics!!!

    and yay for meeting weird al. so fun and random!

  11. such a great post. favorite part... "did you guys know I met weird al (insert 2nd photo) because I totally did" hahah i busted out laughing.

    have a great weekend!

  12. Weird Al?! haha that's awesome! I'm the same way with fashion...I have no sense of it. I'll leave that kind of blogging to the true fashion lovers. I just like to be comfortable, even if I don't look good while doing it ;)

  13. Ahh gorgeous pics - your dog is so cute! xo


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