Friday, January 21, 2011

Bill Cosby Sweater Day Part 2!

Hahaha we are all much more relaxed in the second photo!
Cat in a bowwwwwwwwwwl.
Sibling loooooove.
The greatest photo ever.
Hahaha last night was a lot of fun.  We went over to Tim & De's and all wore Bill Cosby sweaters (poor Tim got home & all of his sweaters were being worn, ha.) and had tons of candy & cheese! I'll be back in a little bit with a post for National Hugging Day (And I have the most adorable photo for that post, made by Ruby!), I just wanted to show you guys these photos!  And have you guys entered the giveaway??


  1. Hahaha this is fantastic!

    Do you watch the tv show Community??? They had Theo Huxtable on there wearing a Cosby sweater. That can't be a coincidence can it???

  2. Cosby sweater party!?!?! Um, genius doesn't begin to describe how awesome this is.

  3. he he - such an awesome idea!! :) Love the Cosby sweaters, too. Rad!


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