Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inane Answering Machine Message Day & Croissant Day!

Paris Patisseries
Today is another delicious holiday!  Just take a look at these (click the link underneath the photo to go to the original website & find the recipe!):
Not So Humble Pie
Spittoon Extra
Pennies on a Platter
Real Mom Kitchen
Yum! I cannot wait to eat some fresh warm croissants when I'm in Paris.  I know I am going to have SO many food photos to share with you guys!  Haha.  Speaking of Paris, I've been planning something... something about a giveaway for you guys... haha I will share my information about it later this week!  I'm exhauuuuusted right now (I can't stay up as late as I used to!  Haha.  Didn't get in until laaate last night.  Err, this morning.) and I'm going to go watch some Monk & do some knitting!  (With a little Sudoku.)  But I will have a re-cap post of last weeks holidays & what is coming up this week soon, and I'm going to start doing some weekly features like I did a little while ago!  Share my favourite blogs/websites, etsy finds, recipes, etc.  So hopefully I'm going to get started with that this week!  But for now, it's time for Monk!  Haha.  Here is a hilarious answering machine for you guys to listen to!


  1. i could eat every single croissant on this page, yum!

  2. Mmh...I love croissants!!! yummy

  3. That message is hilarious! That's how I'd run schools if I decided to be a school runner.

  4. I love croissants!!! I wish my oven was working so that I could go make some now!!

    Hope you have a great day!!

  5. you will LOVE fresh croissants in paris! make sure to try the ones with chocolate. so so good. xoxo jcd

  6. I love croissants(:

    great blog and I love ur store! so talented!

    I'm following you!

  7. I am very most interested in that first croissant you've got up there. o.O It seems especially delicious looking to me. Hahaha.

  8. L. O. L. L. O. L.
    That is a perfect message!!! I sometime want to make a answering message similar to that for the home or my cell phone. We get SOOOO many wrong numbers and telemarketers that is makes me want to scream. :)
    Wonderful post my dear!! When I think of answering machines I always think of a Will and Grace episode! I am going to go look for it!! :)
    LOVE you!!!

  9. You are making me miss France with those yummy croissant pictures :)


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