Friday, January 14, 2011

It's In The Bag!

For some reason the colour of my bag got REALLY washed out!  It's a lot brighter in person.  (I need that new camera!!  Haha.)
Today is my turn to participate in the Blog Crawl that Ashley from A Hasty Life put together!   I'm in group five, and yesterday you got to see inside Caroline's bag, and tomorrow you can check out Kate's bag

A Hasty Life

When I was in the States a couple of weeks ago, I stopped at Fossil and picked up a new bag & a new wallet!  Finally, I can stop using my LITTLE sister's old wallet, ha!  Here is the inside of my (always jam packed) bag!
1.  My prescription sunglasses... I LOVE them.  Haha it's so nice to be able to see while wearing them.
2.  My knitting, I always have to have some with me.  (I've been making washcloths lately.)
3.  Spin Pins!  I picked them up when I was in the States & I LOVE 'EM!!!  They work so well, haha.  Maybe because my hair is really long & all one length... but I love them.
4.  Bobby pins, also picked up a bunch in the States.  (Can you tell I love going to the States to pick up new things? haha.)
5.  Mints from The Keg when Keith & I went the other night.  (Chocolate filled, mmm.)
6.  Craft Inc. Book, packed with tons of information!
7.  My sketchbook project notebook... that I haven't started.  AH.  Luckily they pushed the deadline back to TUESDAY.  Do you think I can fill it between now and then?  I hope so...
8.  My phone with my new case that my sister bought. (For my birthday present, but then she wouldn't let me open it until Christmas, haha.)
9.  My new walllllllet, love it!  It's so soft.  And so light, I threw all my change into my California Fund, haha.
10.  My flip camera, I really need to upload some videos & share them with you guys!
11.  My bic markers & pens.   Hahaha I always have some sort of colouring tools with me.
12.  Gum (again, from the States!  But I got this in my stocking, haha.  We don't have Orbit in Canada.)
13.  My glasses, but I get a headache when I wear them for too long because I'm not used to being able to see the lens... I wish I could get a pair like my sunglasses made into just plain glasses, haha.  (I'd look like an old lady -- especially if I was knitting, but whatever!) 
14.  Chapstick (Burt's Bees, haha this is my "makeup".) and a box of matches from when I was in Chicago.
15.  My pocketknife from Pike, haha.  When we were camping he let me borrow it, then he said I coudl keep it since I always wanted a pocket knife.
16.  My mini Swiss Army knife.  Keith and I went out one day and he bought me it, haha.  So now I've got two pocketknives!  The only thing I use them for is to cut yarn, haha.  But I use them a LOT.

Here are a few close up photos:
I love the lining of the bag!
(Hahaha you can see me... and my fingers that look freakishly long... ahah.)
Haha hope you guys enjoyed getting a peek into my bag!!  (And if you haven't checked it out yet, look at my post for "Dress Up Your Pet Day"!)  Hope you guys have a great night!


  1. Thank you so much for participating in the blog crawl!! I love your bright yellow bag!! It is so pretty! I'm also eyeing your way cool Ray those!! Is that a new style? I haven't seen those!!

    <3 Ashley

  2. i've been hoping to pick up 'craft inc'. cute bag :)

  3. love that you carry your knitting around! and do you totally love your FLIP? i have the same one - love it and should use it more often. cute bag btw, friend!!

  4. Your purse is SO cute! And I've been meaning to read "Craft, inc" :). Also, I love that you carry your knitting with you!

  5. I LOVE your purse and wallet!! Fossil is AMAZING!!! I have a wallet and a few purses from them and i just adore thim!!!
    HAve a wonderful weekend my dear!!

  6. how fun i love these bag posts! xoxo jcd

  7. Love the lining of the bag! I want a Flip cam soooo badly.

  8. Awesome! That bag and wallet are so cute! I need to pick up a Spin Pin, I feel somebody else did a post on them within the last few months. Must find!

  9. I LOVE fossil. The leather is so soft and amazing. Lucky Brand bags have really amazing leather too. All but like two of my bags are either lucky or's an obsession :)

  10. How do you like the flip? Is it only for video or can you use it to take photos? It's a pretty good price if you can use it for both.

    I saw the spin pins and want to try them out but I don't know how or what to use them for.


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