Wednesday, January 5, 2011

National Bird Day!

Hey everyone!  First of all I'd like to say hey to all of my new followers coming from Sandy's blog!  She's having a giveaway right now & the winners gets a cowl of their choice from my shop!  (Well, I don't have many different colours photographed in my shop right now, so whoever wins gets to pick any colour they want & I'll knit them up a cowl!)  So be sure to check it out & enter!  (By the way, the comments you guys are leaving are TOTALLY making me blush!!  I love you guys!)

I also wanted to give Kam a shoutout!!  She surprised me with a sweet blog post about my new project today!  Kam has an aaaaaawesome blog that I have talked about before.  Be sure to check it out & leave her some sweet comments! 

Anyways, now it's time to celebrate National Bird Day!  Haha I'll admit when I was getting all of the "strange" holidays together, when I saw this I was really wondering how I could possibly celebrate National Bird Day.  I've never had a pet bird, I don't know much about wild birds... and if you asked me to, I could probably only name about 10 different birds... ha.  A couple of years ago for Valentine's day Keith bought me a Bird of Paradise:
I had never even heard of these flowers before but they're soo pretty.  They have so many different colours to them and they're just so unique.  Later that year (well, a month later) I went to Florida and I saw so many growing around there.  

Okay, this holiday is supposed to be about real birds... not flowers that kind of look like a bird.  Here are some videos about birds that I found on youtube:
And here are the scores of the trivia challenge from yesterday!

Cuppy got 1 out of 2
Mandy got 2 out of 3
Kam got 5 out of 6
Lauren got 7 out of 7
Emma got 7 out of 11
Megan got 1 out of 1
Amy got 1 out of 1
Kelli got 6 out of 13
Lindsay got 1 out of 2

And here are the answers!

1. Is half a Canadian 20$ bill worth anything? 
 Yup!  As long as you have more than two-fifths of the full bill, it's worth 10 dollars.   If three-fifths are left, it's worth 20 dollars.  So don't throw out bills that you've ripped!
2. What did miners in Alaska trade for gold during the gold rush?
3. What was ketchup sold as in the 1830's?
Medicine.  If ketchup was medicine, I should never EVER get sick, ha!
4. Who is Martin Lee Aday?
Meatloaf!  (I would have had no idea!)
5. What do you call the hole in the needle that push the thread through?
The eye.
6.  What is the only food that melts at body temperature?  
7.  On the Simpsons, how old is Bart?
8.  What number did Wayne Gretzky wear?  (Some hometown trivia for you, ha.) 
9.  What is the most commonly used word in the English language?
10.  What country exports the most Christmas trees?
Oh, Canada!

Bonus Questions:
11.  How many of the US presidents on Mount Rushmore have a beard? 
12.  What country is Casablanca in?
13.  What alcohol comes from juniper berries?
Good ol' gin!

I also want to wish the lovely Sarah (with an "h") a happy birthday!  I've mentioned her on my blog before, and right now she is in Panama on her sailboat wtih her family!  Go to her blog & wish her a happy birthday!


  1. I grew up with a bird! An African Grey to be exact (the kind pictured in the first video). Her name was Gabby and we taught her how to talk in French and English (she was a great talker!). Great post!

  2. Thanks for the birthday shoutout, Holly! And the Bird of Paradise is such a cool flower. They have 'em down here but I don't think we've seen any yet.


  3. What a weird holiday! :) But I loved the videos! :) Yay for your giveaway at Sandy's blog!!! {i have to be honest, i hope i win..b/c if i don't i think i'm going to have to buy one anyway} :)


  4. Happy Bird Day!...too bad I kind of have a fear of birds...last weekend we had a million birds in my back yard. It was crazy and it really freaked me out! I refused to go outside. I am still trying to figure out why they were in my yard. haha.

    I hope you have a beautiful Bird day!

  5. Ohhh hell no!
    Birds are my worse fear haha
    the trivia, I didn't even bother!
    I think I was only sure about Barts age! Lol


  6. I <3 birds of paradise! WHEN you come to California, you'll see them's like palm trees to us ;)

  7. Happy Bird day!! {I may have to find Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and watch it to celebrate!!} :)
    What interesting trivia questions!!!
    LOOOOOOOVE you!!

  8. Ooo how lucky for the person that wins the cowl! your knitting is absolutely gorgeous


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