Saturday, January 29, 2011

National Puzzle Day!

Made by the wonderful Mandy!
I wanted to share some awesome Etsy finds with you guys, puzzle style!
Wood Wedding Puzzle by BellaPuzzlesToo
Handmade Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by dogWoodbyDave
Custom Wooden Guest Book by CustomDogBandanas
Puzzle People Salt & Pepper Shaker Set by celestewelch
Wooden Leaf Puzzle by justhatched
Silver Puzzle Pieces Choker Necklace by SilverLotusDesigns
I made a treasury with some more items here, check it out!  Keith & I are just on our way out the door to go to my uncle's house for my grandma's birthday party.   I'm wearing the beautiful skirt I bought from SrsyLiz's shop & I think I might have to do my FIRST outfit post ever!   (I may have to crop my face out of it because I will probably be laughing so hard, I can't take myself seriously in photos!) 


  1. OHHH we both know I love a good puzzle! So happy there is a day dedicated to puzzles :D hehe!

  2. Those salt and peper shakers are fun!

    <3 Danielle

  3. Love the LOVE one!

    Have fun at your grandma's birthday :D

  4. I think I am going to have to break out a puzzle today! I might be one day late, but its still worth celebrating.

    P.S. today I celebrated you over on my blog! I think you are pretty amazing and I love reading about your adventures. So I just had to share with everyone.

    Have a lovely day friend!

  5. Love all those puzzles - especially the puzzle necklace! So cute!

  6. Your blog is too cute, Holly! I love your calendar celebrations and all your Etsy creations! (I should be a rapper...;-))

  7. man I use to do puzzles all the time! I should start again! :)


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