Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opposite Day?

Today is opposite day!  How exactly do you celebrate opposite day?  I'm not too sure... so, I decided that I'm going to show you guys some things that I bought from Etsy recently!  Hahaha.  I'm trying really hard not to spend any money, because I need to save for my trip to EUROPE!!!  (I mentioned it in my blog post the other day, but only two people noticed it, haha.)  But, I couldn't help myself with these things.  I've been wanting to make 1,000 paper cranes, so I ordered all of this paper:
from origamipalace

I also ordered a lens cap protector (for my new camera that I will hopefully be buying soon!!) from the lovely hanamik:
And this cute little jar to keep the origami hearts that I've been making in from orzsupplies:
But the mail to Canada takes sooooooooo long to get here, so unfortunately I haven't got any of them in the mail yet.  But every day when I check it I get so excited, haha.  I'm hoping it comes tomorrow!  I can't wait to get started on folding those paper cranes.  I'll definitely take photos & share it with you guys!  And of the little origami stars in the jar!  What have you bought off of Etsy recently?  

So coming up this week for holidays we haaaaaaaaaave:
Wednesday - Clashing Clothes Day (I may do my FIRST EVER outfit post!!  haha.)
Thursday - Chocolate Cake Day (I can't wait to make a chocolate cake from scratch.  I might do a stop motion video of me making it... we'll see!)
Friday - Blueberry Pancakes Day (YUM!)
Saturday - National Puzzle Day (So pumped!) and Corn Chip Day!
Sunday - Inane Answering Machine Day and Croissant Day
Monday - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and Eat Brussel Sprouts Day (We will see if I eat any!!  Haha.  I never have...)

Tonight I'm going over to my friend Sam's house for our first ever Girl's Craft Night!!  So pumped!  I'll take some photos & share them tomorrow!  Hope you all have a great night!  Oh & don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on!!


  1. Have fun tonight! I wish I could go to someone's house for craft night!

  2. I wish I could have a Girl's Craft Night! I need some crafters near me, can't wait to see what you make! (I'm also jealous of your trip to Europe, how long are you visiting?)

    I do hope your etsy buys get to you soon. ;) It seems to take more time to get to Canada from the US than the other way around.
    Is there a special wish you're going to make with your 1000 cranes?

    My most recent etsy buys are fabric for more LCPs and a twisted overskirt for leggings since that's all I wear these days and nothing is long enough with my bump anymore.

  3. opposite day reminds me of my favorite dr. suess book, wacky wednesday! ha good stuff. have a great night :) xoxo jcd

  4. ahhh that's gonna be a lot of folding for 1000 paper cranes!

    Brussel sprouts are delicious! The trick is cooking them right! I fry on the stovetop with some balsamic, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. just enough so they're cooked but crunchy!

    congrats on your trip to Europe! that's exciting!!

  5. so i told my sister that i was opposite day and she said to me "you're so pretty." i said, "haha, thanks a lot." she was joking...i hope. ;)

  6. How cute are those lens cap protectors? Cutest find ever!

  7. What fun!! I really want to try that 1000 paper cranes too!!! It is on my bucket list!! :)

  8. I love folding hearts! They make great gifts too!

  9. Opposite day was like the best and worst growing up...when yes meant no and no meant yes, too confusing!

    A Europe trip?! Amazing! I spent two months in Europe a few years ago and it was the best trip ever!


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