Saturday, January 8, 2011

So... this post is all about food.

Made cupcakes for my Etsy shop photo shoot.
Back in the summer my sister & I took my cousin Mikayla out for dessert.  (I think it was probably lunch.... hahaha.  That waffle was gooood.) 
I made cake pops a while ago.
But it looked too much like play-doh that I didn't really eat any... hahaha. It was fun to make. Although it kind of tie-dyed my hands.

I also made some applesauce...

Then I saw a blog post on Ruby's blog & she made bacon and eggs... so I had to try it!
 Then I went out for actual bacon & eggs.  Minus the bacon.  I don't like bacon... I get an extra egg instead of it, ha.
I had some deeeeeelicious bruschetta on my birthday...
And then got sang to and ate some delicious apple pie.
Oh and I made peppermint bark.
I guess I don't have a photo of it once I added the white chocolate layer.  Oh well.
I don't really know why some of these got really grainy when I uploaded them!  Bummer.  What website do you guys use to upload your photos to?  Haha anyways hopefully you enjoyed looking at these... I've been meaning to post them for a while!


  1. i LOVE food! so of course i totally loved this post. those cupcakes look so pretty and delish!!

  2. YUM. And those small candy bacon & eggs? So much fun!

  3. That applesauce looks HEAVENLY. Yum.
    And pie is also my birthday dessert of choice. Next to pineapple-upside down cake. And cherry cheesecake. (I love sweets, if you couldn't tell. :D )

    Do you use Blogger's photo-uploader in the post editor? I upload mine to Flickr. On Flickr it gives you an HTML code that you just paste right into the post. And you can go in and change the width of the photo to whatever you want. :)

    Hope that helps!

  4. those cupcakes look delicious and fun to eat!! And I love anything peppermint so I would totally eat that peppermint bark!

    Have an awesome day friend!

  5. Look at you, being awesome in the kitchen. I love it. The peppermint bark look unbelievable!

    I upload all of my personal photos to Flickr, but I use Photobucket for pretty much everything else. (:

  6. I'm having a super hard time with photo editing/uploading took me like two hours to edit and upload seven photos for my first week of project 365. sooooooo frustrating......

  7. The bacon and eggs are cute. I take it that the yolk is a yellow smartie but how do you make the egg white?


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