Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today is National Hangover Day!

Happy National Hangover day!  Well, I’m sure if you are spending the day nursing a hangover, you aren’t too happy.  Hopefully you had an awesome time last night, though!  For those of you who are trying to stop the room from spinning or trying to keep your water down, here are some things that will hopefully help you:

·        Drink lots of fluids!  Water, fruit juice (orange juice), Gatorade or Powerade should help hydrate your body.
·        Take a multivitamin.  Replenish all of those nutrients that have been washed out of your body.
·        Go back to bed.  Yeah, it’s the New Year, but you’ll have 364 more days after today to celebrate!  Go back to bed & get some rest.
·        Stay away from coffee.  I know you probably want some today, but it will just dehydrate you more.  Grab a glass of water or some juice instead.  And don't drink any before you go to bed!  Unless you want to stay up all night...
·        Eat a banana.  Bananas have a lot of electrolytes, magnesium and potassium and will help make your stomach feel a bit calmer. 
·        Drink some ginger tea or eat candied ginger.  If you are feeling nauseous, ginger will help settle your stomach.
·        Exercise!  Okay, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy… but if you get some exercise today you WILL feel better.  You’ll get more oxygen going to your brain and will release some of the toxins in your body.
I’ve found some (strange) remedies on the internet from around the world.  I’m not sure if any of you will want to try them, but hey, if you’re desperate enough, then by all means… go for it!  Let me know if you try any of these & how it works out for ya!

·        Some Puerto Ricans believe if you slice a lemon up and rub it on your armpit before you drink, you won’t be hung-over the next day.
·        A lot of people believe in the “hair of the dog”.  Drink a beer or bloody Mary the night after drinking.
·        In Poland some people think drinking sour pickle juice, or some sour milk will get rid of a hangover.
·        Germans also think something sour is the cure, they chow down on pickled herring.
·        If you’re traveling in Romania and wake up a bit hungover, ask for some tripe.  Mmm, cow stomach…
·        Ancient Greeks preferred a breakfast of sheep lungs (poor sheep…) and two owl eggs. 
·        Black magic is all that the Haitians need to get rid of their hangover.
·        In Africa you will find people eating peanut butter to prevent a hangover.
·        Think you can manage to drink some orange juice with a raw egg?  Some people think it helps…
·        What about a prairie oyster?

Hopefully some of these tips will help you out with your hangover!  I’m lucky enough to not be hungover today (drinking one glass of wine with lots of orange juice will do the trick…), I’m just extremely SORE from playing Just Dance on the Wii.  Hope you guys all had a great New Years Eve!

And happy birthday to Michael Imperioli, Helmut Jahn, Frank Langella, James McAvoy and Don Novello!
(And my next door neighbour! haha.)

If any of you didn't get enough partying in last night, today is also Bonza Bottler Day!  There are 12 Bonza Bottler Days throughout the year (one of them is on my birthday!).  Bonza Bottler is pretty much just an excuse to party one day every month.  It's when the number of the day is the same number as the month.  January 1st, February 2nd, March 3rd, etc.  Happy Bonza Bottler Day!!!


  1. oh i wish i saw this before college!! ahah :)

  2. Haha! This is a great hangover cure list...I might print it out for fun and slap it up on the fridge! Hope you had a great NYE!

  3. hahaahha these are some GREAT tips holly!!! :D

  4. Hahaha, I'm sore from Just Dance too. We played it with some friends...and then I went out and bought it yesterday. So I'm sore times two.


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