Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trivia Day!

Today is Trivia Day!  So here are a bunch of random questions, let's see how you guys do!  Tomorrow I'll post the "scores" & the answers, haha.  No cheating!  (Haha or if you cheat, at least get a couple wrong so it isn't obvious! juuuust kidding.)

1. Is half a Canadian 20$ bill worth anything?
2. What did miners in Alaska trade for gold during the gold rush?
3. What was ketchup sold as in the 1830's?
4. Who is Martin Lee Aday?
5. What do you call the hole in the needle that push the thread through?
6.  What is the only food that melts at body temperature?  
7.  On the Simpsons, how old is Bart?
8.  What number did Wayne Gretzky wear?  (Some hometown trivia for you, ha.)
9.  What is the most commonly used word in the English language?
10.  What country exports the most Christmas trees?

Bonus Questions:
11.  How many of the US presidents on Mount Rushmore have a beard?
12.  What country is Casablanca in?
13.  What alcohol comes from juniper berries?

PS.  Did you know I once won a trivia contest?  Well, I tied with someone else & the tiebreaker was a spicy wing eating contest.  I totally won!  (Hahaha I wish I had a photo of me eating those wings to share... but then again, I'm probably glad I don't!)  Number 11 and 13 were two questions that I had to answer (and got right! haha.).


  1. 4. I'm pretty sure that's Meatloaf.

    9. Like?

  2. 5. eye

    6. chocolate?

    9. a

    and that's it for me. :) I'm so impressed that you won a trivia contest! that's amazing!! :) you must be VERY smart...:)



  3. 2. Salt?
    5. Eye
    6. Chocolate
    7. 10?
    9. The
    12. Morrocco??

    Btw, you are such a champ for finishing off those wings!

  4. 1. i think in the US, as long as there is half left, it's full value, don't know if it's the same in canada!
    3. medicine
    5. eye
    7. 10
    9. the?
    11. 1? just lincoln?
    13. gin?

    awesome. trivia is fun.

  5. 1. $10?
    2. salmon?
    5. eye
    6. butter? chocolate?
    7. 12?
    8. 99
    11. 1
    12. spain?
    13. schnapps?

  6. 5.eye
    I am not all that fantastic at trivia questions. I love hearing them, Im just not good at answering them!! :(
    Happy Trivia day though!!

  7. oh boy...well, here goes nothing (don't laugh, k?)

    1. no...cuz you tore it in half, right?
    2. furs?
    3. condensed tomato soup?
    4. i've no clue on this one
    5. the eye! (this one i know for sure!)
    6. butter...?
    7. 10
    8. i'm a little ashamed to say i don't know
    9. "the"
    10. germany (o tanenbaum and what not, right?)
    11. one
    12. morocco
    13. Gin

  8. I know Wayne'e number is 99 !
    is the most popular world, "like"? Cause I like, say it, like a lot like.

  9. I actually knew quite a few, but wanted to see if anybody actually did NOT know #13. Apparently!!!! Go figure. :)


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