Monday, February 21, 2011

Card Reading Day!

Nesting Dolls Card by xoazuree
Apparently Card Reading Day is not about reading tarot cards, but it is actually about reading old cards that you have received & it's about sending new ones!  Unfortunately I couldn't get any cards out today because the post office is closed (It's a holiday here in Ontario, it's Family Day) but I have a big boxed filled with old cards that I've received!  It's so funny to see that a couple people have given the same birthday or Christmas card year after year, haha.  I won a giveaway recently on Campfire Chic from this great shop, xoazuree!  There are so many great cards & I highly suggest ordering from this shop!  (When I opened up the package I was thinking about how I wished I had bought them just so I could leave some great feedback on Etsy!  Seriously, the packaging and quality of the cards was AMAZING!)  Here are some great cards, check them out!  & happy card reading day! 
Niagara Falls Card by xoazuree

Pencil You Into My Heart Card by xoazuree
Globe Card by xoazuree
Lovely Flowers Card by xoazuree


  1. i have some cards like these i bought in urban outfitters. i love them so much i almost want to frame them myself to keep!

  2. these are some cool cards. agreeing with kara above, totally worth framing!

  3. I can't stop buying cards from Azuree! I purchased and framed four cards for my cousin as a gift...they look so lovely framed!

    I've sent out a few of these beauties to special pen pals, and have a few more hanging by my desk. I take the images she writes her notes on to work to decorate my cubicle :)

    Here's a link to an interview I did with Azuree soon after she opened shop ( she was on the front page of Etsy three days after she joined Etsy! How cool is that?


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