Monday, February 7, 2011

Clean Out Your Computer Day! Send a Card to a Friend Day!

Clean Out Your Computer Day
- Organize your photos
- Delete duplicate photos
- Organize your files
- Organize your bookmarks (I REALLY need to do this!)
- Empty your trash bin
- Run a virus scan
- Clear your cache
- Delete files you don't need anymore
- Clear your desktop
- Upgrade programs
- Or... just use some good ol' soap & water!  (Juuuuuuuust kidding...)

Today is also "Send a Card to a Friend Day", so I found some cards on Etsy that would be great to send to a friend!  (Or to receive in the mailbox!  ;)  haha.)
two lost souls in a fishbowl vol. 2 by moonbeamwishes
your very own personalized notecards - set of 12 by jackandellapaper
Made for you, valentines day card by kad0881
Hand-painted (summer) cards, set of 4 by thepaperdialogues
Amy Butler Greeting Card - Hello Darling by yesteacher
Thank You Notes Cards Letterpressed by 1canoe2
french fry love by uccellocurioso
Typewriter Personalized Stationery and Sticker Set by emilyanndesigns
you are amazing by annacote
Layered Love in Pink - one hand cut art card by Crafterall
you're a good egg-single folded card by MichelleBrusegaard
Bloom Cards (set of 6) by bluebicicletta
I love all of these!  Be sure to check out all of those etsy shops because they are all filled with great items!  Tonight Keith & I went out to Chapter's (they didn't have the book I was looking for... bummer!  I wanted "I'm Not a Cop" by Richard Belzer, but they don't have it in any of the stores around here...  But Keith got two books!), out to eat, and to the movies to see "127 Hours", it was a good movie!  I suggest seeing it, but maybe turn away when he's cutting his arm off...


  1. Oh my goodness! It would take way more than one day for me to clean up my computers! I dread that..but I do need to do it!

  2. Oooh, I SOOO need to clean out my computer!!! I should definitely add that to my ever growing to do list!

  3. I really need to clean up my bookmarks, yikes!

  4. This is so funny. My computer today told me it was too full and refused to let me upload more pictures. So I had to spend a long time cleaning it out and it ate some pictures in the meantime. Ha! Guess it just knew what holiday it was!

  5. I love those cards! I want them all! Hehe, I have a habit of buying cards and putting them in frames because they are pretty :)

  6. i love you so much for encouraging my brother to read more, its good for the soul <3 xx

  7. awww i love the toast/toaster one! too cute. and i NEED to organize my work and home computers! great idea :) xoxo jcd

  8. holly darling- did you ever receive your book from lane?! let me know!

    love, polly :)

  9. Ah! It would take several days for me to clean my computers! No thank you. I just save everything to the desktop and stuff it in a folder labeled desktop. :(


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