Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do a Grouch a Favour Day!

Okay... maybe today I was a bit of a grouch myself, ha.  I was just in a bad mood!  My teeth were sore from the dentist... no cavities, yay!  I had to change my job interview because I had an appointment I couldn't re-schedule and I couldn't get ahold of the guy (still can't!), and packages haven't been showing up when they are supposed to!  Frustrating.  But anyway, today is just a day to help out a grouch!  Or someone who seems to be having a bad/rough day.  Who knows what's going on with them, so just try to go out of your way and do a little something special for them!

For the past few hours I have been looking at hotels/apartments to stay at in Paris.  I swear I'm going to be dreaming in French tonight... ha!  I'm actually getting a headache from looking at all of the different websites.  We're looking to stay in Montmartre.  Have any of you guys been to Paris before?  Is there a place you suggest staying at?  I need help/suggestions!!  We found one good place, but we're not sure if it will be available when we're there.  We'll hear back tomorrow!  

So speaking of France, I've been thinking of creating a new item for my Etsy shop and enter everyone who buys one into this giveaway.  & then I'll be picking some special things up while I'm in France and give them away to whoever wins!  I want to do that soon, though... and hopefully raise enough money to buy a new camera!  (Or a new lens, because really it's just my lens that isn't working...) I just can't ifgure out what that new item should be!  Something small and cheap, but awesome, so that all of you guys will want one!  Haha.  Let me know what you guys think!  (Or if you have any suggestions!  It doesn't have to be hand knit/crocheted!)


  1. Oscar the Grouch is my favorite ever.

  2. ooohhhhhh magoodness. do a grouch a favour day? did you read my blog post today?

    am i a grouch, does this mean?

  3. lucky! I want Paris(: be happy!

    :) Bree


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