Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Day & Exciting News!

vanilla bean frozen yogurt by my kitchen addiction
tart cherry frozen yogurt by jane's sweets and baking journal
strawberry frozen yogurt by nico
chai frozen yogurt by bonnie the baker
blackberry and lemon frozen yogurt by craving chronicles
Yummmmmmmm!  Check out all of the links I posted under the photos for the recipes.  Don't they look good?  So, today is also the superbowl... boooooooring, ha.  I don't watch football, ever.  But there has been a marathon of Criminal Minds on so I've been keeping busy watching that & crocheting.  (This post is super late because my internet wasn't working for me until about half an hour ago!) So, coming up this week is...

  • Monday - Clean Out Your Computer Day and Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • Tuesday - Fly a Kite Day (Strange to have in FEBRUARY!)
  • Wednesday - Toothache Day and Read in the Bathtub Day (I will hopefully only be celebrating the second holiday, ha!)
  • Thursday - Umbrella Day
  • Friday - Make a Friend Day and Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
  • Saturday - Pancake Day
  • Sunday - Get a Different Name Day
If any of you guys would like to contribute something to one of these blog posts, please let me know!  Shoot me an e-mail ( or leave your e-mail address and I'll send ya one!   So, also coming up this week... the AMAZEBALLS Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach, is going to be speaking at The Etsy Success Symposium on Tuesday and she sent me a sweet e-mail the other day asking if it's okay if she talks about me at it.  UM, YES!!  It's in Brooklyn so unfortunately I can't go, but it will be streaming live so I'll get a chance to watch it!  I worked with Michelle last year and I'm SO glad that I did.  She was the one who pushed me into opening up my Etsy shop & starting my blog and I'm just so thankful for getting the chance to work with her!  I HIGHLY suggest checking out her website and blog and getting to know her.  She's awesome!  Sorry, AMAZEBALLS.  Haha!


  1. Aw, yay! Thanks for pimping me out, lovely! Plan to be blushin' around 4:30p Eastern on so on Tuesday :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Holly, those pictures are amazing! So delicious looking! Looks like some fun holidays coming up this week! ;)

  3. I'm not sure I will be flying a kite in Northern Michigan with snow, but it's a cute idea. Makes me think of warmer weather ahhh. I like pancake day! Totally doing that one!!

  4. Congrats lady!!! thats sooo exciting!!! and i just sent you an email! xoxo jcd

  5. AWW!! CONGRATS! That's so awesome!! ♥♥

    And all those pictures are making me drool!! haha

  6. those are some seriously sinful desserts momma!


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