Friday, February 25, 2011

One man has helped save the lives of over 2 million babies*

I have been wanting to do weekly features on my blog since, well, since I started it up in July (doesn't it feel like I've been blogging for longer?  So weird to think it hasn't even been a year yet!).  I kind of started doing a weekly feature, but I think it only lasted about two weeks.  Haha.  But I think it's finally time to start it up & stick to it!  For now I'll just start with one day of the week, and then if I like it (and if you guys like it!) I'll add some more.  Anyways, on Fridays I'll be featuring different artists that I find!  For now I guess we will call it Friday Artists?  Haha.  I will come up with a better title!!  I promise.  Okay, enough rambling... ha.  The first artist I picked is Liz Wolfe.  I found her work a couple of years ago and I just love her style.  I've never seen anything like it.
Green Birds and Faux Blossoms
Butterflies on Branch/Meat Tree
Carrots and Peppers
Distorted Cones
Sugar Flowers
Black Bunny
Tree in Sugar Desert/Green Sugarscape
Lollipop Garden
*Here is the story about the man in the title!


  1. those are so bright and fun!
    {ps: you'll have to change my button on your sidebar; i've moved! :)}

  2. WOW, she's incredibly talented. Very creative/unique art!


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