Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orangutans can recognize themselves in the mirror

I thought I would do a recap of all of the holidays I've celebrated in February, and let you guys know what days are coming up!
And coming up...!
  • Walk Your Dog Day - Margarita Day! (TODAY!)
  • Tennis Day - International Dog Biscuit Day!  (February 23rd - this week is all about dogs!  haha.)
  • Tortilla Chip Day - Chili Day! (February 24th)
  • Let's All Eat Right Day - Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day! (February 25th - umm.. strange!  Haha.)
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day - Pistachio Day! (February 26th)
  • Polar Bear Day! (February 27th)
  • Tooth Fairy Day - Public Sleeping Day - Chocolate Souffle Day! (February 28th)
If you want to do a guest post (if you have a recipe or an idea for how to celebrate the day, or just anything!) for any of these days, let me know & I'll contact you about it!   Today I'm hoping to go out with Keith & Squirt (maybe to one of the MANY waterfalls nearby!) to celebrate walk your dog day!  And I am HOPING to buy a new camera lens!  I'm also hoping to start having blog sponsors VERY soon... and everyone who sponsors my blog will be entered into the big giveaway that I'm going to be doing!  But, I'll post more info about that later!  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!  (It feels like Monday!!)


  1. Yum margarita day! I should go out and get some mix and tequila so I can celebrate this lovely day!!

  2. I can not believe I missed Drink Wine Day! I will never fall behind on your blog again!

    Polar Bear Day sounds exciting and dangerous, but cuddly.

  3. Margarita day! Ha, I love it.

    Tell a Fairy Tale Day sounds so cute, I'll have to remember that one. (:


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