Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pieces of bread were used to erase pencil marks before the rubber eraser was invented

Yup!  I'm back with my random fact titles!  Haha.  Some of my new readers (by the way, I'm almost at 250 google connect followers... WHOA!) might not have even been around (all the way back to last year) when all of my titles were random facts.  Haha.  I'm going to continue celebrating every strange holiday (I can't give up now!  It's only the second month of the year!  There are so many more awesome days coming up!) but I'm going to start doing random blog posts, posts like I used to do last year.  I kinda miss doing them.  So, hopefully you guys won't mind having to see my name pop up a couple of times a day... ha.  I also want to start doing weekly blog features, get into the habit of doing the same thing every week.  I need to set more of a schedule for myself!  Hopefully that will help.  And I want to start getting my blog posts up earlier in the day... not so late at night!  Do you guys have any suggestions for weekly features you would like to see?  What are some of your favourite things about my blog?   I've never really asked you guys!  I'm curious to see what you think!

Anyways, enough rambling... ha.  I have a few photos I wanted to share with you guys.  It was corn chip day a couple of weeks ago, so I had to have some pear salsa...

So delicious!  Dice up some pears, red onion, squeeze some lemon juice, add some salt & pepper and fresh cilantro and try not to eat it all in one sitting.  I totally could.... haha!

Last week there was a soup challenge that my parents went to.   It was to help raise awareness for youth homelessness in Brantford.  A bunch of local restaurants made different types of soup & you could go, pay 5$ and try all different kinds!  Then vote on your favourite, and the most creative.  De & Julie from Stir It Up participated!  They made a vegan Spicy Thai Pineapple soup!

And last Friday is was Homemade Soup day.... but I cheated and celebrated it a day early.  On Thursday I made roasted tomato and roasted pepper soup.  Pretty good for my first time making soup from scratch!  (Seriously, I've only ever made Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup.. ha!)

Cut up a bunch of tomatoes (I used cherry and grape tomatoes.  Red, yellow & orange!) and coat a baking dish with olive oil.  We were all out of garlic (AHHHHHHHHH.  I love love LOOOOVE garlic... so that sucked, ha!  We planted some out back last fall, so I can't wait to have a ton of fresh garlic all summer...) so I just drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled some sea salt and fresh ground pepper & some dried oregano.  (We didn't have any fresh herbs either... haha.  Bummer.  It was still delicious though!  But it would be nice to have in the summer with some freshly picked oregano or basil.  We don't have any big windows with enough sunlight to grow any in the winter time... One day I'll be able to!  I hope, ha.)  I put them in the oven at about 250 (on convection bake, but you could just do it to 275 on bake.) for about 2 hours.  It smelled soooo good... haha.  Before I did this, I cut up some red and yellow pepper and put it in the oven on broil.  After 5 minutes, I flipped them, then flipped them again after another 5.  After that I took them out and put them into a big ziploc bag to steam.  Once it's cooled down a bit you can pull the skin right off.   Once the tomatoes are done, put them in a pot on the oven and pour in some cream.  You can either blend it in a blender or just use a hand blender and do it right on the stove top.
Next time I'll probably put it in the blender to make it a bit more smooth.  But oh well!  I don't really know how much cream I added... I just kind of kept pouring it in.  I'm not really big on measuring... (unless I'm baking, because, well, you have to.) haha.  Then I diced up the pepper and threw them in (nicely, of course!) and you can either just eat it like that, or you can add some chicken stock.  I made myself a bowl without the chicken stock, but then I added some to the rest of the pot.  I think it would also be awesome as a pasta sauce!  It's delicious.  Let me know if you try it!  (Or if you want a recipe that is written out a bit nicer... hahaha!  I kind of ramble a lot...)

What else... oh yes, the crepes.  So I made some crepes (man, I love crepes.  I mean, pancakes are good and all.. but I can eat about one and I'm good for the year, ha. But crepes are just so delicious.  You can fill them with ANYTHING!  Or add anything to them.  They're delicious.  And SO easy to make!)  and filled them with nutella for World Nutella Day

So last Tuesday we didn't have our girls craft night (also known as Tuesdays at Sam's!) because of the snow.  I love the snow & all, but it would have been better if it happened the next day!  Haha.  But tonight we're having it!  So that's awesome.  I'm going to bring some yarn & knit up some squares (I have had some WONDERFUL people donate their extra yarn to me) for the Knit-a-Square charity, and my jar of little origami cranes and bring some of this paper:
Speaking of Etsy (well, I kind of was...!), Janel added the little handknit bows that I made for her to her Etsy shop!  All of the proceeds go directly to Janel and her husband Adam, so they can adopt their baby girl named Pita!  Go check them out!
Pink Pita Hairbows
Maybe buy one and help support an amazing family!

One last thing!  (This post is pretty long!  Haha.)  I'm having a sale on my Etsy shop right now!  Check it out and enter the coupon code - Twitter20 to receive 20% off!  Sales are fun!


  1. thanks for posting honey :) love you!

  2. that salsa sounds really interesting! i want to try it. and those crepes.. o my. need. now :) xoxo jcd

  3. Yummmmmm!!!
    This post made me reallllllly hungry!!! :)

  4. Okay, I'm hungry. The salsa, the soup... I don't think I've ever actually had crepes. And I've never had Nutella! People keep telling me how good it is.

    P.S. There isn't a thing about your blog that I don't love so picking a favorite would be impossible. But in general, I love how original your content is! Visiting your blog always inspires me to at least try to live with a bit more creative flair, although I'm not particularly good at that sort of thing. I love being sure that I'll always learn something knew every time I'm here. ;)


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