Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Read in the Bathtub Day

Another awesome holiday!  I love having baths... lately I've been doing sudoku puzzles while I have baths, haha.  But today I had to switch it up and go back to reading!   Right now I'm reading this book:
When Keith & I went to Chapter's the other day, we weren't there for very long & I brought a short list (only 6 books!) that I wanted to check out, and unfortunately they didn't have any of them... haha. Bummer. I think my problem is that I look for books on Chronicle Books website and they never seem to have any in stock in Canada. (I'll solve that problem when I have my own store! Haha. I'll always have a huge supply of their books! I hope.)  But the two books that I wanted to check out weren't from Chronicle Books, they were Richard Belzer's books... I might just have to order them from Amazon!  What books are you currently reading?  Any suggestions for books I should check out the next time I'm at Chapter's? 


  1. I read purely for enjoyment most of the time. Right now I am reading the most recent In Death book by JD Robb. There are a bazillion in that series and every one has been excellent.

  2. im not a bath kind of girl but love the reading part. i heard this is a good book but kind of creepy. i get creeped out easily. hehe.

  3. i reallly loved 'the help' and 'the secret life of bees'. also 'how did you get my number' by salone crosby is pretty hilarious. xoxo jcd

  4. sometimes I have a bath, set up my laptop, roll one, and turn the the lights off....I watch Merlin in the tub and have the best time ever! :)


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