Monday, February 28, 2011

Tooth Fairy Day!

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Happy tooth fairy day!  Did you know there was a tooth fairy museum in Illinois?  (Neither did I, until a few minutes ago.)  When I was little I had a little tooth fairy pillow thing that I would put my tooth in when I fell asleep.  I remember falling asleep holding onto it, just hoping that the tooth fairy would wake me up when she came to exchange my tooth for some money!  Never met her, though... haha!  Here are some cute tooth fairy pillows/kits I found on Etsy:
tooth fairy pillow by aewilder
tooth fairy pillow by LaughRabbitJr
tooth fairy pillow by hillyhouse
tooth fairy pillow kit by hudsonny
tooth fairy kit by paperandtwine


  1. I wish we had these growing up! Those are so cute!

  2. My parents always forgot and it took like a week of sleeping with my tooth under my pillow to even get those 4 quarters!

  3. Aw, I totally had a crafty little tooth pillow when I was little!

  4. My poor kids were always told the tooth fairy had the WHOLE world to cover and so she couldn't always come the first night (or two.) Something like this would have helped. : )

  5. Ooo these are lovely! Thanks for sharing. My little one will be losing teeth pretty soon I think (she's nearly 5) so any of these would be perfect! :D


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