Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walk Your Dog Day - Margarita Day!

Made by the extremely talented Angelique!
Keith & I took Squirt for a walk today to celebrate Walk Your Dog Day!  It was pretty cold out, so I was mean (haha) and made her wear that sweater.  It kept her so warm though, and she had a blast!  Here are some more photos:
Hahahah this photo is great, I zoomed in on it because she's in the air.
Hahaha her eyes look so funny.
Warming her little paws up!
Best friends!

And today is also Margarita Day!  So, he is a terrible blurry photo of the margarita I had tonight, haha.
And a photo of the orchids Keith got me!
I counted how many buds there were (ahaha yes, I am a loser.  But there were a lot & I was curious!) and there are 56!  Whoaaaaa, haha.  


  1. awww what a lovely day you guys had, the orchids are beautiful!! and plentiful :)

  2. aw your pup is so cute! i wish i had a dog :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. Ah, what a cute puppy :) And it looks like it is cold...

  4. i wish i had a margarita yesterday!! i think i will need to have one this weekend, the week is sooo long!!!

  5. It looks like everyone had fun! I had no idea there was a 'Walk Your Day Day'.

  6. True story: by complete happenstance, I celebrated a Margarita Week from February 18th through 24th. I thought I had completely fabricated, but now I've learned that it was (somewhat) legit!


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