Saturday, February 5, 2011

World Nutella Day!

Happy World Nutella Day!  This morning I made crepes with nutella inside & powered sugar on top.  So good!  I have photos, but this computer is terrible with uploading photos... so I'm hoping I'll have them for you guys tomorrow.  (I will get a new computer one of these days... haha.) This WONDERFUL holiday is  put together by Ms. Adventures in Italy and Bleeding Espresso (check out how to make nutella hot chocolate on Bleeding Espresso's blog!!). I didn't realize there were so many mouth-watering recipes for nutella out there.  Take a look at these:
homemade nutella by food nouveau
self frosting nutella cupcakes by food librarian
nutella strawberry puff pastry hearts by passionate about baking
For about a million and two more recipes, check out the original website for World Nutella Day!  What a holiday...

I will DEFINITELY be eating lots of this in Europe in May!


  1. This might be the best holiday ever. Just sayin'.
    Though I wouldn't be surprised if you've got a better one hidden up your sleeve somewhere. o.O

  2. i love nutella - that looooks so delish!!!

  3. mmmm, i LOVE nutella and have it almost every morning on a piece of toast. i finished my jar today...on national nutella day, weird!!

    anyways, i need to get some more as it's a great start to my morning...a little treat! nutella is also pretty good for you, health-wise, you wouldn't think it would be but check out those ingredients, not bad!

  4. I'm totally going to make those self-frosting nutella cupcakes!! Looks so yummy <3

    I love crepes with just nutella & banana or blueberries.

  5. I was never allowed nutella growing up but those puff pastries are making me want to go out and get some just to make up for all that I missed when I was younger!

  6. Yummy! Now this is a great holiday!

  7. I haven't had nutella in ages... I'm craving it now!

  8. mmm nutella is the best. xoxo jcd

  9. I love nutella but it is not allowed in our house -- husband is very allergic. :(


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