Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

The amazing & extremely talented Amy Tangerine created this scrapbook page for today!
First I just want to say, how awesome is that scrapbook page that Amy made?  Whoa!  I wish she would scrapbook my life, ha!  She's so creative & talented, be sure to check out her blog to see how she created that page!  & stay a while and check out all of the amazing trips she goes on, her wonderful scrapbooks, and her two adorable dogs!

I have been wanting to celebrate PI DAY for years, but I always forget about it until the day after!   Not this year, ha!  And I am actually going to bake a pie today!  First time EVER.  Although I don't think I will be making the pie crust from scratch (I know, I know...).  I will next time!  I'm just having a hard time deciding what kind of pie to make?  There are so many delicious kinds...

strawberry pie by the family kitchen
blueberry pie by the merry gourmet
blackberry pie by lunch box bunch
lemon pie by a sweet spoonful
key lime (ice cream) pie by scoop adventures
apple pie by woman's day
apple pie pops by pizzazzerie
Apple, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, lime, blackberry... so many different kinds!  What flavour do you suggest?  What is your favourite?  (I don't like pecan pie... blah.)

Ohhh and don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on!  It's going to end on Thursday.  Win any flavour of popcorn topping for a YEAR!! 


  1. Wow, that scrapbook page is amazing! I would love to have something like that to hang on the wall and gaze at on difficult days!

    Oh no, you don't like pecan pie?! Haha, it's my favorite. I read it's the worst though, health wise.

  2. YUMMMMMMM i love blueberry and lemon pie. these photos look delicious. and i agree im not a fan of pecan. i usually go for pumpkin at thanksgiving. xoxo jcd :: stop by! im having a custom print giveaway:: cornflake dreams

  3. Nerdy and delicious, just the way I like things.

  4. that scrapbook page is so pretty!
    what do you mean blah to pecan pie! that is hands down the most delicious pie!! i thought i knew you ;)

  5. thanks for having me as your guest today!

  6. Amazing scrapbooking Amy! Ditto on the scrapbooking my life thing.

    And pie! Sweet, delicious pie! Those pie pops look pretty darn cute. It would be cool to have like a dozen assorted pie pops so you don't have to make a decision on what sort of pie.

    Good luck baking! I've never baked a pie either and it frightens me.

  7. yum yum yum! cherry pie is one of my favorites. ooh, and coconut cream! and peach!

    um, i think i might have a problem...

  8. Pi day has always been one of my favs! did you see the many "pi" pies that were posted all over the internet?


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