Saturday, March 19, 2011

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! (With MuchLoveIlly!)

Hey guys!  Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!  The fabulous Ilene from Much Love Illy wrote this AMAZING guest post for me and it was just perfect for today's holiday! Check it out!:

So to follow along with Holly's incredible holiday celebrations on this blog that she is so known for, I thought about a particular holiday that could be celebrated any day of the year. You're probably thinking, "Well, um, how then could that be a holiday?" Good question. I'm glad you asked. But before I reveal to you what the holiday is, I'll share with you the different ways you can go about celebrating it with me!
1. Start off with a good breakfast for yourself. Whether that means setting aside food for yourself the night before or making sure you have your fridge stocked up with yogurt or good fruit, you need something to kick start this holiday. Breakfast is the most often ignored meal of the day - which is totally understandable as our lives are incredibly fast-paced these days. Or maybe you are the type to hit your alarm clock more than once, you just run out of time to eat your wheaties. Either way, start off with breakfast. It's good for you.
2. Wear something that you wouldn't normally wear. Take a risk. Mix prints or textures. Pull out colored tights if you wouldn't normally rock them. Dress up a pair of jeans with some fun heels. Add jewelry or a scarf.
3. Dab on some fun lipstick or add that extra touch of colorful eye make-up. Spritz yourself with some perfume. You can even do the whole spray in the air and walk through the spritz of perform. Don't forget to twirl around 3x. It doesn't work if you don't do that. ;)

4. Listen to some upbeat music on your commute to work. Blast it from your radio speakers or in your ipod headphones. I suggest some GLEE, Adele, or even some dance music! If you commute by train or bus, dance if you have room.

5. In the midst of your crazy day, find some alone time. Plan on 15 min. or an hour - whatever you need. Bring a book with you. Maybe a journal or your ipod. Turn the phone off. Don't text or answer calls. Spoil yourself with a coffee beverage or dessert. Schedule a hair appointment or a mani/pedi. Again, did I say don't answer your phone? Um, yes that includes twitter.

Okay, have you picked up on the holiday yet? Any guesses?

What is it, Ilene?! It's a holiday that I believe should be celebrated every single day. Obviously, in our ever so (not) perfect world, we can't do every single thing in the list above every single day but I believe that the idea of it should be a part of our every day lives. Speaking as a woman, I think many women out there can testify how sometimes our worth feels like it can be diminished by media, people's opinion, and our self-perception, yet we too ourselves have to look at ourselves in the mirror and say outloud (above our own thoughts), "I am beautiful! I am of value! I am amazing!"

And believe me, I am also a realistic person. We don't always feel that way. I understand that. We are also emotional people who feel things deep - and life can be hard and it can hurt. But I think we can trump that. We are bigger than that. And we can help each other in it too. I think that we can encourage not only ourselves but also other people, encouraging, complimenting and loving. W can do it together.

Care to join me, friend?


Much Love,
Ilene (aka illy)


  1. haha I SO LOVe this post Holly :) HURRY TO CELEBRATE YOU DAY! Sounds like MY kind of day with lipstick, dancing, and cute nail polish colors! Have a great Saturday my dear! xo

  2. I heart illene!!! she is so cute and she comes up with the best ideas!!!! I love the turn off your phone-this includes twitter. lol. i think i'm going to get some breakfast soon!! :)
    thank you for this amazing post ladies!!!

  3. Sounds great...and I think I will :) Can we have this holiday at least once a week?!!

  4. This post is great! Definitely something to celebrate on a regular basis!

  5. Oh wow, I adore the idea of making every day "celebrate you" day!!! After reading all of Ilene's tips about how to celebrate, I realized that I've already been doing a lot of these things lately. Coincidentally, I've been ridiculously happy and satisfied, too. If it's cool, I may try and craft a way to reblog this in the next few weeks, because I love the idea of this so very much!!!

  6. Okay I ADORE this post! I'm having one of these holidays on Wednesday I think.

  7. hahah i LOVE this post!! ilene is soo adorable and bubbly!!!


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