Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Many cats are lactose intolerant

Teacup Succulent Garden by Epheriell Designs
I was feeling great about 20 minutes ago, then all of the sudden I started having hot flashes (which I get all the time... blah!) and feeling really dizzy... and sneezing a lot.  & now I have a headache and I just feel super dizzy. I think it's from the Post Office.  (Ha, not really...)  Have any other Canadians been having problems with the post office lately?  Packages are taking forever to get sent!  And the prices make no sense at all.  I sent two packages that were the exact same, one to Canada, one to the States.  The one to the States cost me 5$, the one to Canada cost me over 17$!  That makes NO sense to me at all.  (For those of you who are new readers, I live in Canada.)  So frustrating!  I live an hour away from the States, I think it would be SO much easier (and cheaper!) if I were to go once a month and just ship everything from there.  Packages would at least get sent a lot faster! 

Anyways, enough ranting, ha!  I have some amazing people helping me out the next few days with some guest posts!  Tomorrow you guys get to meet the sweet Casee Marie from The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower!  I just adore her and her blog, and I know you guys will too!  I'm excited for you guys to check out her blog post.

And now so this post isn't just me talking... here are some great photos that I've stumbled upon recently!  (As always, the links are right underneath the photos!)
Blue Venice - Fine art travel photography - Italy by irenesuchocki
Antelope Canyon by larrygerbrandt
Glitter in Salt & Pepper shakers!


  1. Aww, I'm so sorry about the dizziness! And the hot flashes, and the sneezes, and the headache. Oh, and the post office! That's so weird. I ordered a dress from the UK at the end of January and it just got here like...a week or two ago? It was crazy.

    Aw, thanks for the mention and your sweet words! I'm so happy to contribute. Feel better soon, dollface!

  2. I live in Windsor, where I can see the Detroit skyline from my window. It would be cheaper for me to cross the border and ship all my packages from the US (to the US, international AND TO CANADA) than shipping from Canada, including gas and border tolls.
    I just don't have a passport. But, my parents and grandparents cross a couple times a month each, so I've been thinking of sending things with them to ship while they're over there.

  3. How pretty!! I hope you feel better soon darling!! I looooooove you!!!! PS I know how the post office is, ugh!!!

  4. yaaaa, canada post is bizarre. i never understand why it's more money to send within our own country...???? & whenever i've asked someone there, they have no idea. kay, thanks.

    anyway, i hope you are feeling better now!! :)


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