Friday, March 11, 2011

Middle Name Pride Day!

Today I have TWO awesome people helping me out with my blog post today!  Enjoy!

Hiya!  Kelli from { bug miscellany } here. 
I'm here to chat about today's oddly specific holiday: Middle Name Pride Day.
I did a little light googling, and learned MNPD is a day to "encourage people worldwide to step beyond tolerance or even acceptance of the name or names that fall between his or her first name and his or her surname." (Yeah, I just quoted Wikipedia. What?)
Middle names can be tough.  It seems like they are often ones parents aren't brave enough to give their offspring as a first name, don't they?  And they really aren't commonly used or known anymore.  So if you've got a real doozy of a second name, and it one day leaks out into the light of day, well you can imagine it might be quite embarassing for a young'un.
So how do I know this?  Let me tell you my middle name.  Moran.  A good Irish, family surname. But to a kindergartener, it sounds an aaaaaawful lot like "moron."  Couple that with a first name that rhymes with 'smelly.' and you've got a situation ripe for disaster. 
But you know what? Even when the chanting started, I didn't care. I love my middle name. I LOVE that it's unique. I love that it honors my heritage. I love that it elevates an otherwise ordinary name. Actually, I often wished my parents had used it as a first name.

And do you know why?  Because it's really, really OK to be different.  Different is what makes you awesome.
So whether your middle name is "Karen" or "Danger" or "Frankenmuth" or "John," wrap your arms around it and give it a big ol' hug today.  It's part of you, and all of you is awesome.
And now, some middle name fun:

* Did you know President Harry Truman's middle name was just the letter S?  Clever parents.
( I wonder if that's where the plot of the Simpson's episode where Homer searches for his middle name comes from....)
* What is Ted Mosby's middle name?
* What's the most common middle name  - according to the internets, which everyone knows, cannot lie  -  in the  world?  (my mom is going to just die over this)
Hope you had fun!  ( I know I did. )

Hey folks!  I'm Somer visiting over here on Holly's blog.  Normally you can find me here on my blog or stocking up my etsy shop.

Today I'm really excited about celebrating Middle Name Pride Day!

My middle name is Elizabeth.  It's a good one, I know.  Made even better because it's my grandma's first name.  Funny enough though, she goes by her middle name!  (It happens to be Patricia, still a good name)  Most people don't know that though and there was a brief moment while choosing my middle name where my parents kinda forgot that her first name is Elizabeth!  (So I got named after her...kinda?) Anyhow, I'm very lucky to have a good middle name, I've heard some really odd one's in my day.  (Hopefully, when I get around to having kids I have the good sense to be kind when doling out middle names.)  

That is me and my Grandma at Venice Beach, from back when I used to live in Cali.  Just a couple of Elizabeth's.

I've noticed that, much like my own, middle names tend to have stories attached to them, even more often than first names do.  So, Holly readers, what I want to know is what is your middle name and what is the story behind it?  Did it belong to your mom, your grandma, your mom's best friend from elementary school?

(Oh, and I know I use parentheses too much, I think its because I interrupt myself too often)

Thank you, Holly, for having me!  Happy Middle Name Pride Day!!


  1. Yay! I love my middle name. It's Amanda. I have no idea where it came from though.

  2. My guess for most used middle name is "Ann" especially in the south :)

    I use my middle name a lot more than I did when I was in school. My middle name is Tsuki. I actually prefer it to my'd have to know me in real life (or be my internet stalker) to know what that is!

  3. I wrote a blog entry about today's holiday hehe.

  4. I love my middle name is Marie!
    I love it ♥It came from my granny :)

    PS: Yay for Venice Beach! Right when I seen that pic I knew where that way! Its so fun there!

  5. My name is Nicole Renée. I didn't realize how popular Renée was as a middle name.
    I do wish my parents had switched my first and second names, as I know of at least a half dozen Nicole (my last name) one of which was my age and we went to the same school. It caused a lot of confusion when we had classes together.

  6. Such a great combo! Lovely posts, gals. (:

    My middle name is - surprise! - Marie... not a revolutionary middle name, though I like the way it sort of girlies up my first name (which is pronounced like Casey, yet somehow people always think it's like Cassie). Marie is also my mom's middle name and both of her sisters'. Their first names all start with D (Diane, Denise, Darlene) and they all share the middle name. I'm not sure where Marie came from, though! But I'm happy to have that connection. (:

  7. My middle name is Kristel....but it is spelled many different ways, and each way depends on who you ask. Even my father, who filled out my birth certificate, spells it different - Kristal. I have more of a story with my first name though...In a world many moons ago when ultrasounds were rare, my daddy swore I was going to be a boy named Andrew and they would call me Andy...well, I was a girl, so I became an Andrea :)

  8. Okay, I have to brag. My middle name is Violet, which I love. Unfortunately for my younger sister, my parents wanted to keep the "V" thing going, so they gave her Virginia.


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