Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plant a Flower Day!

Hi, Kam from Campfire Chic here, hoping to inspire you to go outside and plant a flower! I live in Southern California and the weather lately makes me think we skipped Spring altogether and jumped right into Summer! It was 80*F this week! Gnarly, right? So I'm thinking of celebrating today's holiday Plant a Flower Day and going to the store to buy some pretty snapdragons, pansies, and marigolds.

I know that you may be experiencing less than stellar weather right now, so I decided to share some buyable inspiration that will (hopefully) arrive on your doorstep on the perfect weekend :)

Make a succulent garden! They're very hip right now and hard to kill!
The best part is, you can start a whole new plant from a single leaf, 
so plant-it-forward and send a pot to a friend :)

Have a pen pal who would appreciate some vintage stamps
Or maybe you're looking for some unique art to hang by your side table? 
I think these will get you in the spirit of today's holiday.

In addition to succulents, glass terrariums are very popular right now.
They're beautiful, small, and a piece of art! I would love to make 
one myself, but am very tempted to buy an already-created 
one from the local farmers market.

Be still, my heart! I love the look of framed fabric in an embroidery hoop. Maybe you have a dress that just won't do this year that you can frame and hang? Turn it into a throw pillow? Maybe cover a notebook? Any little peek of Spring will make a great addition to your home :)

I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between some of my plants, especially when I plant them from seeds instead of already above ground. Markers like this are useful and beautiful! I've seen them made from Popsicle sticks as well ;)

Lastly, a lovely spring green gets me in the spirit to get my hands dirty...maybe you'd rather hit the local coffee shop for a spring tea? Or maybe you're looking for a new arm cuff? This doubles as both.

Thanks, Holly, for allowing me to take over for the day :)


  1. cute finds! I live in SoCal too and am working on planning my garden! I love your succulents idea though!

  2. Succulents and terrariums -- my heart's all pitter-patter!


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