Friday, March 4, 2011

Pound Cake Day!

I looked all over for a strawberry pound cake recipe (because we have a bunch of fresh strawberries I want to use in a cake), but I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!  At least, not one that didn't include sour cream or cream cheese... I'm just not a fan of those in desserts, so I'd rather not use them!  (Yes, that means I don't like cheesecake... haha.)  Let me know if you guys have a recipe or know of a recipe!  Here are some other delicious looking pound cakes that I was able to find!  (I might be making some of these soon!)
apple raisin pound cake with apple cider glaze by a bloggable life
lemon whipping cream pound cake by cooking on the side
honey pound cake by kirbie's cravings
cinnamon pound cake by sing for your dinner
nutella pound cake by food gal


  1. Strawberry pound cake! I've never had any, but it sounds amazing.

  2. omg i am so hungry NAO! PLEASE tell me you got lane's book from the giveaway! will you take some pictures of it if you did and email them to me?! id LOVE to do a giveaway aftermath! :)

    love, polly

  3. Wowza. this post makes me want some cake. like now. I wish i had a recipe for you, I dont. i love a old fashioned strawberry short cake though.


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