Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Smiles” is listed as one of the ingredients on a package of Goldfish crackers

Here are a bunch of random photos from the past little while!

I used this recipe to make dog biscuits for little Squirty on Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, hah!  She LOVES them.   And they're so quick & easy to make!
Patiently waiting.... ha!
Playing with my new lens...
I LOVE this book.  My dad just read it & loved it.  I think I might re-read it! Papillon (P.S.)
Went to the chili cookoff downtown & saw a cute little dog wearing a hoodie, ha!
My nana came over & I took some photos of her and Squirt.  Squirt stays glued to her side the entire time and just falls asleep while she pets her.  Haha she loves it.
The hexagon blanket I've been working on.


  1. That blanket looks AMAZING! So much work! The colours are really really pretty.

    I love Papillon. I somehow didn't know it was a true story until 100 pages into it when someone told me. I saw the movie after I read the book, and although you gotta love Steve McQueen the book is just so unreal. I also recently watched a movie called the Way Back about prisoners escaping from Siberia and walking to India! Is it terrible if escaped cons like that are sort of my heros?

    Also, your dog looked so cute and polite about the dog biscuits. How adorable!

  2. ok those first photos have made me soo hungry. and that sneaky little pup -- haha fantastic!

    ps - is it REALLy 'if pets had thumbs day'? cause that is crazy - crazy awesome!

  3. your pup is precious!! looks like the treats were a hit.


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